Class 7th English




English Reader
Lesson-1 How the Camel Got its Hump?
Lesson-2 The Selfish Giant
Lesson-3 Deserts
Lesson-4 Reaching for the Stars
Lesson-5 Birbal Hits Back
Lesson-6 Kindness always Repays.
Lesson-7 Let’s Meet Them
Lesson-8 A Clean Confession
Lesson-9 The Child’s Return-I
Lesson-10 The Child’s Return-II
Lesson-11 A Letter From A Son to His Mother
Lesson-12 The Olympic Games


Poem 1 My Shadow
Poem 2 The Fox & the Grapes
Poem 3 The Ice Cream Man
Poem 4 The Master Plan.
Poem 5 The Wind
Poem 6


Noun, Noun Number
Noun-Countable, Uncountable
Noun-possessive Case
Verbs- Main & helping verbs,
kinds of verbs
Agreement of the verb with its subject.
productive skills (accuracy in speaking & writing).
The Sentence
Active/Passive Voice
The Pronoun,
The Adjective,
The Preposition,
The Conjunction
Direct and Indirect Speech.


My Best Friend
A Day in Bed
A Day without Mother
My Favorite TV Programme
A Visit to the Golden Temple
An Accident Scene
School Picnic
A Market near my house
A Visit to a Historical Building.
A Railway Journey (Unsolved)


The Sun & The Wind
The Hidden Treasure
The Three Friends
The Shepherd & the Wolf
The Hare and the Tortoise.
Robert Bruce
The Clever Donkey


You have joined a boarding school
Write a letter to your friend describing a visit to your grandparents.
Write an application to the Headmaster to grant you leave for four days because you are ill.
Write a letter to your friend inviting him to your birthday party.
Write a letter to your friend about your visit to Amritsar during vacation.
Your brother/ sister is the captain of his/her hockey team. The school lost the match and could not qualify for the zonals. He/She is sad about it. Write a letter encouraging him/ her giving some advice.
Write an application to your Headmaster to grant you leave as you are going to the doctor.
Write a letter to your uncle telling him about what you did after noticing a snake.
Letter Writing:- You are a student of XYZ school, Patiala. Write an application to the Headmaster requesting him to grant you full fee concession.
You are a hostler in XYZ school, Nawah Shahar. Write a letter to your mother telling her about your daily routine
You had purchased a computer form M.Tech & Co. Within seven days you find that there is some problem with the piece. Write a letter to the manager requesting him to replace it.
To The Health Officer complaining about the insanitary conditions in your locality.
Write a letter to the Health Officer
Write a letter to your cousin in USA, telling him about your school.
Write a letter to your favourite sportsperson telling him why you admire her/him
Your friend has just lost her Pet dog. Write a comforting letter to her.
You are Naaz who visited a newly inaugurated dispensary for the poor.


Enroll for free yoga classes.
Return of library books which were issued to you.
You are the Sarpanch of your village. Write a notice inviting adults to donate blood at donation Camp to be held at the Community Centre.
You have misplaced a library book “Panchtantra Tales” Write a notice that you would like to put in the classroom.
To enable them to write notices on their own.
You are the sports captain of your school. Write a notice to all participants to submit their names mentioning the event in which they would like to take part.
You are Kulvir Singh of class VII. you have lost your new water bottle. Write a notice that you would like to put up with school notice board