Class 11th English


SECTION—A (Lessons for. Intensive Study)


1. Gender Bias

2. The Portrait of a Lady

3. Of Studies

4. Liberty and Discipline

5. A President Speaks

6. The Earth is Not Ours

7. Let's Not Forget the Martyrs

8. Water — A True Elixir

9. The First Atom Bomb

10. No Time for Fear


SECTION--B (Poetry)

1. Lines Written in Early Spring

2. Mother's Day

3. Television

4. Upagupta

5. Confessions of a Born Spectator

6. The Little Black Boy

7. A Thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever


SECTION—C (Lessons for Extensive Study)

1. An Astrologer's Day

2. The Tiger in the Tunnel

3. Sparrows

4. The Model Millionaire

5. The Panch Parmeshwar

6. The Peasant's Bread


SECTION—D (Grammar & Composition)



(a) Prepositions

(b) Determiners

(c) Modals

(d) Use of the same words as verb, noun and adjective

 (e) Removal and use of Too

(f) Tenses

(g) Voice

(h) Narration.



(a) Note-making

(b) Message writing

(c) Notice writing

(d) Advertisement writing

(e) Letter writing