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P-2 Mother’s Day


P-2 Mother’s Day
-Shiv K. Kumar

Ans1 Chinese house of dreams does not stand for any fact. The poet wants to say that ‘Mother’s Day is not so cheap as to be celebrated only once a year.

Ans2 My mother me Indian mother. She is worshipped like a goddess everyday. She is more demanding an obeisance because it is her right.

Ans3 Offering a bouquet of flowers once in the year is like desecrating her.

Ans4 Sometimes twice a day. When he sees something strange or when he is afraid of something.

Ans5 In India mother is treated as a goddess. A person touches her feet in the morning. Whenever one is afraid or hurt, the word ‘mother’ comes to his lips. So in everyday in India is “Mother’s Day”.

Q-2 Matching
1. Obeisance Courtesy/Respect
2. Slouch stoop,(to move forward)
3. Invoke Appeal to/call up
4. Ancestral inherited
5. Deity Goddess
6. Spurious false
7. Desecrate Violate/mean disrespect

Q-3 Mention the Figure of speech
Examples –
1. He is as brave as a lion. (Simile)
He is a lion. (Metaphor)
2. That man is like a saint. (Simile)
That man is a saint. (Metaphor)
1. Simile
2. Metaphor
3. Simile
4. Metaphor

Q-4 Comprehension
My Mother ------ Just once a year

Ans1. My mother demands respect at each sunrise.

Ans2 To pay respects to our parents and other elders of the family.

Ans3 The idea is that celebrating Mother’s Day once a year is like showing disregard to our mothers.

Mother’s Day
‘Mother’s Day’ is written by Shiv K. Kumar. The poem contrasts Indian and western way of giving respect to mother. The mothers in India do not deserve only one day of the year to be dedicated to them. It will be disrespect to our mothers. Our value system demands that we should pay our respect to mother every day. This is the only way to respond to a mother’s blessings.