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Q. 1. Who wrote the story, 'The Model Millionaire?
Ans. Oscar Wilde.

Q. 2. Who was Hughie Erskine?
Ans. A handsome young man.

Q. 3. Who was Hughie's beloved?
Ans. Laura Merton.

Q. 4. What was Laura's father?
Ans. A retired Colonel.

Q. 5. Why was Hughie unable to marry his beloved?
Ans. Because he was penniless.

Q. 6. Who helped Hughie to realize his dream?
Ans. Baron Hausberg.

Q. 7. Who was Alan Trevor?
Ans. He was an artist.

Q. 8. Why did Alan Trevor like Hughie so much as to let him visit his studio whenever he wanted?
Ans. Because Hughie was wonderfully good-looking and very good at heart.

Q. 9. Who was Trevor's model?
 Ans. Baron Hausberg in disguise of a beggar.

Q. 10. Who was Baron Hausberg?  
Ans. One of the richest men of Europe.

Q. 11. What did Hughie give to the beggar who was sitting in Trevor's studio?
Ans. A pound.

Q. 12. What information did Trevor give about his model?
Ans. His model was not a beggar.

Q 13. Who scolded Hughie?
Ans.  Laura Merton, his beloved.

Q. 14. Why was Hughie scolded?
Ans.  For his extravagance.

Q. 15. Who was the model millionaire?
Ans. Baron Hausberg of Europe.

16. What did the millionaire send to Hughie?
Ans.  A cheque for ten thousand pounds.

A1-Hughie Erskine was wonderfully charming and good natured. This made him popular with men and women.

A2- No, Hughie was not unwilling to work. He tried his luck in a number of trades. But failed because he was in experienced.

A3- The condition was that he must have ten thousand pounds of his own.

A4- Alan Trevor liked Hughie for his personal charms, his carefree nature and bright spirits. So he allowed Hughie to visit his studio any time he likes.

A5- Trevor’s model was a beggar man. He appeared very real. So Hughie called him an amazing model.

A6-Trevor thought highly of his model because in fact the model was the richest man in Europe.

A7- Hughie had given his all money to the beggar. Laura scolded Hughie. Because he was very careless with his money. The scolding was charming as it was given by his beloved.

A8-The old model was. Infect, Baron Hausberg. He made detailed enquires about him. So, Trevor thought that Hughie had made a deep impression on his old model.

A9- yes, the model behaved differently. He sent Hughie a cheque for $10000 to enable him to marry his beloved.

A10- Baron Hausberg was a millionaire. But he acted as a model of a beggar. He was a kind hearted millionaire. He gave Hughie ten thousand pounds. In this way, Baron Hausberg was both a millionaire model and a model millionaire.

PEN PORTRAIT of Baron Hausberg- Baron Hausberg was a richest man of Europe. He is an interesting character in this story. Modelling was his hobby. Once he posed as a beggar for Trevor Hughie considered him a real beggar and gave him some money. Baron Hausberg didn’t mind that. He sent Hughie a cheque of ten thousand pounds. With this money Hughie married his beloved.
Hughie Erskine-Hughie was a young man. He was good looking. He was popular with men and women. He considered Hausberg a beggar and gave him all the money he had. He had a number of qualities except the quality of earning money. He was kind hearted. Later Hausberg helped him. He sent Hughie a cheque of ten thousand pounds. With this money Hughie married his beloved.

Questions 1-10: Compete the passage below.
The od beggar wanted to know a about Hughie, his name, where he 1_______________, his 2 _______________ and his prospects. The beggar looked miserable and his rags were falling to bits. But Aan Trevor thought he looked 3 ______________ in his rags. Hughie thought painters were 4 ___________. The od beggar knew a about the
5 ______________, the 6 ________________ and the 10,000 pounds. The od beggar was one of the richest men in 7 ________________. He coud buy a 8_____________ without overdrawing his account. He had a house in every 9 ______________.The od man he saw in 10 ______________ was Baron Hausberg.

One morning Hughie dropped in to see his friend, Alan Trevor. Trevor was a painter. But he was also an artist, and artists are rather rare. Personally he was a strange rough fellow, with a freckled face and a red, ragged beard. However, when he took up the brush he was a real master, and his pictures were eagerly sought after. He had been very much attracted by Hughie at first, entirely on account of his personal charm. However after he got to know Hughie better, he liked him quite as much for his bright, buoyant spirit and his generous, reckless nature, and had given him the permanent entry to his studio. When Hughie came in, Trevor was putting the finishing touches to a wonderful life size picture of a beggar-man. The beggar himself was standing on a raised platform in a corner of the studio. He was a wizened old man, with a face like wrinkled parchment and a most piteous expression. Over his shoulder was flung a coarse brown cloak, all tears and tatters; his thick boots were patched and cobbled, and with one hand he leant on a rough stick, while with the other he held out his battered hat for alms. “What an amazing model?” whispered Hughie, as he shook hands with his friend?

Questions 1-10

Compete the table with the name of the person Beggar, Aan, Hughie who has these characteristics.
Reckless nature 1 a wizened old man 6

strange rough fellow 2    amazing model 7

handsome and charming man 3           bright and generous man 8

freckled face 4       red ragged beard 9

piteous expression 5       allowed in Alan’s studio 10

 Look at the picture and describe it in about 100 words.