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1. Who wrote the chapter 'The First Atom Bomb’?
Ans. Marcel Junod.

2. When was an atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima?
Ans. On 6 August, 1945.
Q. 3. Name the four high officers of the American army who were the first to see the photographs of destroyed Hiroshima.
Ans. General Fitch, Colonel Marcus, Colonel Webster and Colonel Sams.
Q. 4. What does 'Hiroshima' mean?
Ans. It means the broad island.
Q. 5. Where was Hiroshima situated?
Ans. On the delta of the river Ota in Japan.
Q. 6. What happened about half an hour after the explosion?
Ans. It started raining lightly.
Q. 7. When did the fire go out after the explosion?
Ans. When there was nothing left to burn.
Q. 8. Name the man who was responsible for dropping the atom bomb over Ans. General MacArthur.
Q. 9. Where was Junod when he received a copy of a telegram that had from Hiroshima?
Ans. In Tokyo.
Q. 10. Who was Professor Tsusuki?
Ans. One of the leading surgeons in Japan.
11. Who was Brigadier-General Baker?
Ans. One of the American officers incharge of foreign relations.
Q. 12. Who wished to receive the delegation of the International Red Cross at office?
Ans. General MacArthur.
Q. 13. According to General MacArthur what would be the result of a new war?
Ans. It would leave nothing behind worthy of mention.
Q. 14. Who is termed as the chief architect of victory in this chapter?
Ans. General MacArthur.

Short Q/A
A1- The first two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
A2- The American wireless had broadcast the prophecy that no life would exist in the place for about seventy years.
A3- It is because Tokyo had not yet issued a censorship visa.
A4- The author took the telegram to General MacArthur at the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce.
A5- General Fitch, Col. Marcus, Colonel Webster and Colonel Sams incharge of assistance for the civil population were the first America
Ans to see photographs of Hiroshima.
A6- Hiroshima me
Ans ‘the broad island’. It is situated on the river Ota which flows down from Mount Kamuri.
A7- The houses up to three miles were completed destroyed, killing and wounding all the inmates.
A8- The fine rain was caused by the sudden rise of overheated air to a great height, where it condensed and fell back as rain.
A9- Nothing at all was left. Everything had disappeared.
A10- Brigadier-General Baker was one of the American officers incharge of foreign relations. He informed the author that General MacArthur wished to meet the delegation of the International Red Cross.
A11- General MacArthur said that another war would leave nothing behind. He said that Force was not a solution for man’s problems.
Long Q/A
A2,3- The atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August,1945. A glaring whitish pinkish light appeared in the sky. A wave of suffocating heat and a wind swept away everything in its path. Many people were killed at once. Others lay writhing on the ground crying with unbearable pain of their burns. Nothing at all was left. Everything had disappeared. The houses up to three miles were completed destroyed ,killing and wounding all the inmates.( invwsI ) The few people who succeeded in making their way to safety generally died twenty or thirty days later from the after effects of the deadly gamma rays.
In the meeting with author General MacArthur admitted that the value of human life had been forgotten. He added that force is not the solution for human problems.
Vocabulary Ex-1 pg-82 Antonyms
1. Ordinary 6. Danger
2. Written 7. tolerable
3. Explicable 8.describable
4. Departure 9. reveal
5. Imperceptible 10. Inattentive
EX-2 Use a prefix to form Antonyms
1. Unacquainted 4. Ineffective
2. Inhuman 5. Undefinable
3. Uncultivated
Grammar Ex-1 Prepositions
1. among 4. Before
2. in 5. For
3. from
Ex-2 Voice (Ans.)
1. Five to six letters were being written by her to Malcolm every week.
2. He had been nauseated by the smell of blood and the bear.
3. How could a freak be loved? (by anyone?)
4. You will be helped in every way by me.
5. Why was such a rude reply given by your brother?
Ex-3 Do as directed ( Ans.)
1. He will purchase a new bicycle.
2. He had held his breath.
3. Everything has disappeared.
4. The child will be running towards his parents.
5. Everything worked out fine.
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Marce Junod was 1__________.
A an English                        B a Swiss                              C a French

He was the first foreign doctor to reach 2 __________.
A Japan                                 B Hiroshima                        C Nagasaki

The two cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacked on 3 ________.
A 06 August 1947             B 06 August 1945 C 16 August 1956

The devastation in Japan was caused during 4 ___________.
A the War of Independence                  B the First Word War      C the Second Word War

The first atom bombs were dropped on 5 ___________.
A Hiroshima and Nagasaki                     B Nagasaki                           C Hiroshima

The number of atomic bombs dropped were 6 _____________.
A three                                                         B one                                     C two

The number of victims in the devastated towns was 7 ____________.
A a million                                                   B innumerable                   C ten thousand million

The American 8_______ had broadcast a great deal about the new weapon.
A wireless                                                   B television                         C internet

The new weapon had 9 _______________ power .
A super                                                         B extraordinary                 C special

The atom bombs had 10 _____________ effects.
A explosion                                                 B radio activity                  C horrible


I took this telegram, and the photographs, which I still had in my possession, and went at once to the Yokohama
Chamber of Commerce where General MacArthur had installed himself and his staff. A few minutes after my arrival four high officers were bending over the table on which I had wordlessly placed the photos and the telegram: General Fitch, Chief of U.S. Information Service; Colonel Marcus, of the Prisoners-of-war Department; Colonel Webster, Chief of the Hospital Service; and Colonel Sams, who was incharge of assistance for the civil population. They were the first America to see photographs of Hiroshima taken on the ground after the fall of the atomic bomb. Their faces were grave and attentive, and their expressions were a trifle wry at the sight of those carbonized corpse….NO one spoke. The photos went from hand to hand. General Fitch put on his glasses. He read the telegram twice and then turned to me. ‘What do you want us to do?” What did I want them to do? Wasn’t Bilfinger’s telegram plain enough? There were 100,000 wounded people without proper attention. Bandages, sulphamides, blood plasma – Bilfinger had listed it all. I suggested that a rescue expedition should be organized at once. The general turned to Colonel Sams. ‘That’s your department, I think,’ he said. The four officers put their heads together. Then one of them picked up the photos and the telegram.

Look at the following information A – G and the list of officers below.

Write the correct letter, A – G next to the questions 1 – 7.

A Chief of the Prisoners–of-War
B incharge of organizing rescue expedition
C first to see photographs of Hiroshima
D present in Yokohama Chamber of Commerce
E read the telegram twice
F Department of Hospital Services
G met the writer first

1 Genera MacArthur ___________________
2 Colonel Sams ___________________
3 Genera Fitch ___________________
4 Colonel Marcus ___________________
5 Colonel Webster ___________________
6 A the above ___________________
7 A others except Genera MacArthur ___________________
Choose the correct A, B or C.

8 Their faces were grave and attentive: Here the word ‘grave’ me
A serious                                          B dead                                   C dangerous

9 The photographs were of
A carbonised corpse                    B Hiroshima                        C atom bomb

10 ______________ put on his gasses before reading.
A Coone Webster             B Genera MacArthur       C Genera Fitch