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Transformation of Sentences


(C) Transformation of Sentences 

Rewrite the sentences removing ‘too’: Some simple rules to follow:

Make changes as done for you:


Example: She is too busy to help you.

Answer: She is so busy that she can not help you.

Exercise 1

1.        The old man is too weak to walk.

2.        These apples are too good to be cheap.

3.        This girl is too sweet to be arrogant.

4.        The child was too slow to win the race.

5.        The sight is too dreadful to be seen.

6.        The boy is too shy to ask for help.

7.        My friend was too ill to come to office.

8.        Shivani is too lazy to be punctual.

9.        We are too sincere to ignore the matter.

10.  His speech was too bold to arouse laughter.

Example: This room is too dirty to live in.

Solution: This room is so dirty that one can’t live in it

Exercise 2

Rewrite the sentences using ‘too’ and ‘to’ as first one is done for you: Exercise 1
1.  He is so old that he can not walk.

-He is too old to    walk.

2.    I am so proud that I can’t beg.

3.  She is so young that she can’t go to school yet.

4.  The child is so poor that he can’t pay his fee.

5.  These students are so naughty that they can’t be serious.

6.  This dress is so old that it can’t be used.

7.  My friend is so polite that he can’t shout.

8.  We are so excited that we can’t wait.

9.  Water on the Earth is so limited that it can’t be wasted.

10.  My grandmother is so fat that she can’t bend forward.

Exercise 2.

Example:- It is so hot that one can’t go out.
It is too  hot      to     go out.

1.      The box is so heavy that one can’t pick it.

2.      It is never so late that one can’t mend it.

3.      The water was so dirty that one could not drink it.

4.      The pan was so hot that I could not touch it.

5.      The news is so good that it can’t be true.

Exercise 3.

Example:- The bag was so heavy

could not
lift it.

The bag  was     too   heavy     for me  to  lift.

1.      It was so uncomfortable that I could not wear it.

2.      The room is so dirty that I can’t live here.

3.      The box is so big that I can’t carry it.

4.      His problem is so complex that he can’t solve it.

5.      The movie was so terrifying that the kids could not see it.

1. It is never too late to mend. (Remove too)
1. It is never so late that one can't mend.

2. I am as strong as he. (Change the degree of comparison)
2. He is not stronger than I.

3. She could not prove her innocence. (Transform into a Complex sentence)
3. She couldn't prove that she was innocent.

 4. I sold my lame horse. (Transform in too a Complex sentence)
4. I sold my horse which was lame.

 5. He was victimized by the travel agents.  (Use the Noun form of the italicized word)
5. He was the victim of the travel agents.

6. (a) I know this.
(b) English is easy to learn. (Combine the two sentences)
6. I know that English is easy to learn.

7. Can a day be turned into night? (Change into the Negative form)
7. A day can't be turned into night. ,

 8. Combine the following sentences into a single sentence.
 (a) She visits the poor.
(b) She is anxious to relieve them of their sufferings.
8. She visits the poor to relieve them of their sufferings.

9. 'Combine the following sentences into a single sentence:
(a) The hunter took up his gun.
(b) He wanted to shoot the lion.
9. The hunter took up his gun to shoot the lion.

10. He is too aged to get a job. (Remove 'too)
10. He is so aged that he can't get a job.

11. This church is the biggest in India. (Change the degree of Comparison)
11. This church is bigger than any other in India.
No other church in India is as big as this:

12. Here comes a girl in red. (Change into a complex sentence)
12. Here comes a girl who is in red.

13. You can join duty as you are well now. (Change into a compound sentence)
13. You are well now, so you can join duty.

14. (a) He is good.
(b) He is not tactful. (Combine the two sentences)
14. He is good but not tactful.

15. How lovely are the flowers! (Change into an Assertive sentence)
15. The flowers are very lovely.

16. She is too proud to listen to anyone.  (Remove too)
16. She is so proud that she will not listen to anyone.

17. He loves all his sons equally well. (Change the degree of comparison)
17. He does not any of his sons more than the other.

 18. I know her to be, intelligent. (Change into a complex sentence)
18. I know that she is intelligent.

19. My watch which had been missing was soon found. (Change into a compound sentence)
19. My watch was missing but was soon found.

20. Your efforts will certainly fructify one day. (Use the noun form of the word in italics)
20. Your efforts will certainly bear fruit one day.

21. (a) Do not walk in the middle of the road.
(b) You will be run over. (Combine the two sentences)
21. You will be run over if you walk in the middle of the road,

22. It is a matter of sorrow that I am undone. (Change into an exclamatory sentence)
22, Alas! I am undone.

23. He is too poor to offer you any financial help. (Remove 'too')
23. He is so poor that he can't offer you any financial help.

24. Iron is the most useful of all metals. (Change the degree of Comparison)
24. Iron is more useful than any other metal.

25. The doctor is hopeful of his recovery. (Change into a Complex Sentence) (Hint   that he would recover)
25. The doctor is hopeful that he would recover.

26. If she does not weep, she will die. (Change into a Compound Sentence). (Hint: She must weep or)
26. She must weep or she will die:

27. He was fined because of his absence. (Use the Adjective form of the word in italics)
27. He was fined because he was absent.

28. (a) The policeman ran.
(b) He wanted to catch the thief. (Combine the two sentences)
28. The policeman ran to catch the thief.

29. It is difficult to catch a butterfly. (Change into the interrogative form)
29. Is not it difficult to catch the?

30. The news .was too good to be true. . (Remove 'too')
30. That news was so good that it could not be true.

31. It is better to starve than beg. (Change the degree of Comparison)
31. To beg is not so good as to starve. 

32. At the sight of the police, the thief ran away. (Change into a Complex Sentence)
32. When the thief saw the police, he ran away.

 33. You need not fear if you are just. (Change into a Compound Sentence)
33.  Be just and fear not.

34. His victory is certain. (Use the Adverb form of certain)
34. He will certainly be victorious.

35. (a) Delhi is the capital of India.
(b) It is situated on the banks of river Yamuna. (Combine the, two sentences)
35. Delhi, the capital of India, is situated on the banks of river Yamuna.

36. Her daughter is as beautiful as the moon: (Change into Negative sentence) (Hint: The moon is not more)
36. The moon is not more beautiful than her daughter.

37. She was sobbing too deeply to give any answer. (Remove 'too)
37. She was sobbing so deeply that she didn't give any answer.

38. No other season is as refreshing as the spring. (Change the degree of Comparison)
38. The spring is the most refreshing season.

 39. Seeing the signal, the troops marched out. (Change into a Complex Sentence)
 39. When they troops saw the signal, they marched out.

40. You must encourage him; as he is sure to lose.  (Change into a Compound Sentence)
40. He is sure to lose but you must encourage him.

41. (a) The scout carried a silken banner. (b) He had stood first. (Combine the two sentences)
41. The scout carrying a silken banner had stood first.

42. You will never learn manners. (Change into the interrogative firm)
42. Will you ever learn manners?