Monday, 25 May 2020




1.       CM Leaves for Italy.
-Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh is leaving on an official tour to Italy.

2.       Petrol prices to decrease after midnight.
-Government has decided to reduce the prices of petrol after midnight.

3.       Piles of waste post Diwali.
-Piles of wastage of crackers were seen after Diwali night.

4.       Youth robbed of Rs. 2 lakh in Delhi.
-        A youth was robbed of Rs. 2 lakh by two bikers outside the SBI Bank in Delhi.

5.       Himachal sunny after snowfall.
-        After heavy snowfall in Himachal Pradesh, it was quite sunny today.

6.       Punjab terror alert posters pasted.
-        Posters of terrorist Moosa were pasted outside different public places in Punjab.

7.       Cyclone pounds TN, 13 dead.
-        Cyclone ‘Gaja’ has crossed the coasts of TamilNadu and taken lives of 13 people.

8.       Grenade blast at Nirankari Bhavan kills 3.
 -       Grenade blast by two bikers at Nirankari Bhavan in Amritsar has killed 3 people and injured many.

9.       World’s first glaciated road coming up in Ladakh: BRO
-BRO claims to carve out the world’s first glaciated road in the Ladakh Region under the ‘Project Himank’.

10.     Alert in state after Amritsar attack.
-        A high alert has been announced in the state and Delhi also after an attack in Amritsar on Sunday.

11.     Cyclone toll rises to 45
-        45 people have lost their lives in cyclone ‘Gaja’ in TamilNadu.

12.     Toxic air choking young lungs.
-        The toxic air due to pollution is causing lung problems in youngsters.

13.     Faizabad district is Ayodhya now
-        Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath renamed Faizabad district as ‘Ayodhya’ on the eve of ‘Diwali’.

14.     City’s pollution level more this Diwali.
-        Delhi’s pollution level has increased this Diwali inspite of ban on bursting crackers.

15.     Delhi air dips to season’s worst.
-        Delhi’s pollution level has increased and made the air the season’s worst.