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(E) Narration

Different types of sentences in direct speech

1)      Direct: Raj says, “I am going to Delhi” Indirect: Raj says that he is going to Delhi.

2)      Direct: Harry says, “I am a doctor.” Indirect : Harry says that he is a doctor.

3)      Direct: Mother said, “Tea is ready.” Indirect: Mother said that tea was ready.

4)      Direct: She said, “I am speaking the truth.” Indirect: She said that she was speaking the truth.

5)      Direct: The stranger said to me, “I belong to Rajasthan.” Indirect: The stranger told me that he belonged to Rajasthan.

6)      Direct: “Sham is my husband”, Rajni said to Rashmi. Indirect: Rajni told Rashmi that Sham was her husband.


1)      Direct: Reema said to me, “What are you cooking ?” Indirect: Reena asked me what I was cooking.

2)      Direct: She said to me,” What do you want ?” Indirect: She asked me what I wanted.

3)      Direct: Seema said to Ram, “When did you come ?“ Indirect: Seema asked Ram when he had come.

4)      Direct: The teacher said to me, “Why have you not done your homework?” Indirect: The teacher asked me why I had not done my homework.

5)      Direct: Raju said to me, “Do you live in Patiala?” Indirect: Raju asked me if I lived in Patiala.

6)      Direct: Sandeep said to him, “May I take your book?” Indirect: Sandeep asked him if he might take his book.


1)      Direct: The teacher said to the students, “Make a line.” Indirect: The teacher ordered the students to make a line.

2)      Direct: The principal said to the peon, “Bring that file to me.” Indirect: The principal ordered the peon to bring that file to him.

3)      Direct: Rahim said to me, “Let’s play football.”
Indirect: Rahim suggested that we should play football.

4)      Direct: The leader said to his followers, “Let’s do something for our motherland.” Indirect: The leader proposed to his followers that they should do something for their motherland.

5)      Direct: She said to her friend,” Please help me.” Indirect: She requested her friend to help her.

6)      Direct: The teacher said to the students, “Never tell a lie.” Indirect: The teacher advised the students never to tell a lie.


1)      Direct: Grandmother said, “May God bless you.”
Indirect: Grandmother wished that God might bless him.

2)      Direct: I said to Rajiv, “What a great shot!”
Indirect: I appreciated Rajiv by saying that it was a great shot.

3)      Direct: Rajesh said, “What a fool I am!”
Indirect: Rajesh confessed that he was a great fool.

4)      Direct: They said, “Hurrah! We won the match.”
Indirect: They exclaimed with joy that they had won the match.

5)      Direct: The shopkeeper said, “Alas! I am ruined.”
Indirect: The shopkeeper exclaimed with sorrow that he was ruined.

6)      Direct: She said, “What a great arrangement!”
Indirect: She was surprised that it was a great arrangement.

1. He said to me, "I do not believe you."
1. He told me that he did not believe me.

2. Rama said to Arjun, "Go away."
2. Rama told Arjun to go away.

3. He said to me, "What are you doing?"
3. He asked me what I was doing.

4. The Prince said, "It gives me great pleasure to be here this evening."
4. The prince said that it gave him great pleasure to be there that evening.
5. He said, "I shall go as soon as it is possible."
5. He said that he would go as soon as it was possible.

6 He said to him, "Is not your name Ahmed?"
6. He asked him if his name was not Ahmed.
7. "Sit down, boys," said the teacher.
7. The teacher told the boys to sit down.
8. Alice said, "How clever I am!'
8. Alice exclaimed that he was very clever.
9. The teacher said to him, "Do .not read so fast."
9. The teacher told him not to read so fast.
10. Abdul said that he had seen that picture.
10. Abdul said, "I have seen this picture."
11. She said, "We are all sinners."
11. She said that they were all sinners.
12. "Run away, children," said the mother.
12. The mother ordered the children to run away.
13. "Do not you know the way home?" asked I.
13. I asked if they did not know the way home.
14. He said to him, "You should respect your elders."
14. He advised him that he should respect his elders.
15. The principal said, "The authorities are trying their best to improve things."
15. The principal said that the authorities were trying their best to improve things.

16. The teacher said, "Honesty is the best policy."
16. The teacher said that honesty is the best policy.
17. Alice said to his wife, "Torn is coming for lunch today."
17. Alice told his wife that Tom was coming for lunch that day.
18. I said, "I have my own likes and dislikes."
18. I said that I had my own likes and dislikes.
19. You said to him, "I have seen this mart somewhere.”
19. You told him that you had seen that man somewhere.
20. Mrs., Sonia says, "I am working on this computer."
20. Mrs. Sonia says that she is working on this computer.
21. She said to me, "I was present in the class yesterday."
21. She told me that she had been present in the class the previous day.
22. He says to me, "You may ask your brother to help you."
22. He tells me that I may ask my brother to help me.
 23. She will say to me, "They are very brave.
23. She will tell me that they are very brave.
24. He told me that hard work pays in life.
24. He said to me, "Hard work pays in life."
25. Rohtas said, "I prefer death to dishonour."
25. Rohtas said that he preferred death to dishonour.
26. The stranger said, "I want to stay here for the night."
26. The stranger said that he wanted to stay there for the night boys to sit down.
27. The man told Ravi that he knew his father.
27. The man said to 'Ravi, "I know your father."'

28. My uncle said that he had bought that house in 2005.
28. My uncle said, "I bought that house in 2005.
29. Ashok will say to Sumit, “I will try to stand first,”
29. Ashok will tell Sumit that he would try to stand first.
30. Rishita said to me, `,'He needs help."
30. Rishita told me that he needed help.
31. Kausalya said to Rama, "Do not desire to possess the moon."
31. Kausalya told Rama not to possess the moon.
32. An old mouse said, "Who will bell the cat?"
32. An old mouse asked who would bell the cat.
33. "Go down to the bazaar. Bring me some oil and a lump of ice," ordered Latif.
33. Latif ordered to go down to the bazaar and bring him some oil and a lump of ice.
34. Isha said to him, "What is it that makes you stronger and braver than, any other man '?"
34. Isha asked him what it was that made him stronger and braver than any other, man.
35. "Have you anything to tell me?" asked his master.
35. His master asked if he had anything to tell him.
36. He said to me, "Wait until I come."
36. He told me to wait till he came.
37. He said, "Oh! That's a nuisance.
37. He exclaimed that he was a nuisance.
38. "Which way did she go?" asked the young man.
38. The young man asked which way she had gone.

 39. My father said to me, "I have often told you not to play with fire."
39. My father warned me that he had often told me not to play with fire.
40. I wrote that I would visit him the next day,
40. I wrote, "I shall visit you tomorrow."
 41. The leader said, "Trust in God."
41. The leader advised to trust in God.
42. My friend said to me, "Let me go home now as it is already twelve."
42. My friend suggested to me to let him go' home then as it was already twelve.
43. She said, "What 'a lovely scene!"
43. She exclaimed that it was a very lovely scene.
44. My father said to me, "Learn your lesson everyday."
44. My father advised me to learn my lesson everyday.
45, Columbus said to the courier, "Oh, leave me alone."
45. Columbus exclaimed and told the courier to leave him alone.
46. The policeman advised me to obey the traffic rules.
46. The policeman said to me, "Obey the traffic rules".
47. She asked him when the postman came.
47. She said to him, "When does the postman come”?
48. He asked, "Will you serve me faithfully."
48. He asked if he would serve him faithfully.
49. You said, "You must work hard."
49. You said (advised) that he must work hard.
50. He says to me, "I will leave you now."
50. He tells me that he will leave me now.

51. You said, "My father returned from Cuttack last night."
51. You said that your father had returned from Cuttack the previous night.
52. The saint said, "We should not hate the sinners."
52. The saint said that they should not hate the sinners.
53. Jogi said that he had stood first.
53. Jogi said, "I have stood first."
54. Geeta said to Rohini, "Examination is drawing near."
54. Geeta told Rohini that examination was drawing near.
55. He says, "I go to the temple everyday."
55. He says that he goes to the temple everyday.
56. He said to me, "Hard work is the key to success." 
56. He told me that hard work was the key to success.
57. She said, "I was ill yesterday."
57. She said that she was ill the previous day.
58. "I want to take that journalist out on patrol," he said to Priya.
58. He told Priya that he wanted to take that journalist out on patrol.
59. The science teacher said to the students that the earth moves round the sun.
59. The science teacher said to the students, "The earth moves round the sun."
60. She said to me, "God will help you."
60. She told me that God would help me.