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Class 10 Sample Paper 13


Section A – (Objective Type Questions)

1.     Answer the following questions: (10×1=10 marks)
i. We should interfere in the liberty of others. (True/ false)? (The Rule of the Road) 
ii. Phatik’s aunt welcomed Phatik in her home. (True/ false) (The Home Coming) 
iii. Which illustration was used by the professor of Psychology? (Secret of Happiness) 
iv. A happy man obeys the rules of _____.
i) traffic ii) king iii) goodness iv) government (Character of a Happy Man)
v. Sir Pertab Singh lived in _____ House. (A Ballad of Sir Pertab Singh)   
vi. Subbiah was buried under the bags and died. (True/ false) (Half a Rupee Worth)  
vii. Pakhom borrowed some money from his brother-in-law. (True/ false) (How Much Land Does a Man Need)

viii. Who was charged with the murder of his nephew?
i) Mrs Hudson ii) Morton iii) Smith iv) Watson (The Dying Detective)
ix. The instructor threw a tin in the pond. (True/ false) (Return to Air) 
x. Robert lost the money on races. (True/ false) (One Thousand Dollars) 

Section B – (Reading Skills)

2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: (5×2=10 marks)

The elephant is the only animal with its trunk. It uses its trunk in many ways. It pulls leaves of trees with its trunk and then puts them into its mouth. It can use its trunk to get water. The trunk can hold a lot of water to drink. An elephant needs to drink more than three pints of water everyday. In Africa men have hunted elephants for their tusks. The ivory from tusks is made into many beautiful things. It has been easy for men to train elephants. In Asia, people use elephants to carry heavy things for long distances.

(1) In what three ways does an elephant use its trunk?
(2) How much water does an elephant need to drink in a day?
(3) Complete the following sentences:
(a) The ivory from tusks is used to make……………….
(b) Elephants are used to carry ……………for long distances.
(4) Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B :
A                                             B
Tusks                                     Risky
Dangerous                           teeth

Section C – (English Textbooks)

English Main Course Book – (Prose)

3. (a) Answer any three of the following questions in about 15-20 words each:

(3×3=9 Marks)
i. Who was Phatik? (The Home Coming)   
ii. What are planets? (The Making of the Earth)  
iii. Why could the author not concentrate on the book while on the train?  (The Rule of the Road)   
iv. How was the statue decorated? (The Happy Prince)   
v. Which is the greatest triumph of science? (Where Is Science Taking Us?)   

(b) Answer the following question in about 40-50 words each: (5×1=5 Marks)
 How does the author support the idea of the victory of the good over the evil? (Some Glimpses Ancient Indian Thought and Practices)
Why does Bishamber want to take Phatik to Calcutta? (The Home Coming)

English Literature (Supplementary Reader)

4. Answer any three of the following questions in about 20-30 words each: (3×3=9 Marks)
i. Where did Holmes get the illness from? When did he get it? (The Dying Detective)  
ii. Why did the boy not like diving? (Return to Air)   
iii. Who did the meet in the hospital ward? Why was he there? (How Much Land Does a Man Need)   
iv. What is the meaning of the statement ‘Rice was in his blood’? (Half a Rupee Worth)   
v. What was the condition laid down by the lawyer? (One Thousand Dollars)  

English Main Course Book – (Poetry)

5. (a) Answer any two of the following questions after reading the stanza:(2×2=4 Marks)

 ‘What need, what need? said Pertab Singh,
And bowed his princely head.
‘I have no caste, for I myself
Am bearing forth the dead.

1. What need does Pertab Singh refer to?

2. Who came forward to carry the bier?
3. Whose bier was it?

Your heads must come
To the cold tomb:
Only the actions of the just
Smell sweet and blossom in the dust.

1. What is that which must happen?
2. What is ‘cold tomb’ a symbol of?
3. What idea does the poet want to convey?


 . What is the central idea of the poem?
What is the summary of the poem?
What does the poet desire for his country? (Where the Mind Is Without Fear)

 What is the central idea of the poem? (A Ballad of Sir Pertab Singh)

  (3×1=3 Marks)

Section C – (Vocabulary)

6. Do as Directed: (4×1=4 Marks)
i. Fill in the blank with a suitable word:

 She gave to a baby girl. (birth, berth)

ii. Use the following idiom in a sentence of your own:
Borrowed plums

iii. Give one word for the following:
To increase the gravity of a situation

iv. Correct the sentence :
I enjoy to play hockey.

Section D – (Grammar and Composition)

7. (a) Translate the following sentences into Punjabi/Hindi (any four) : (4×1=4 Marks)
i. I didn’t want to die. 
ii. I wanted to get out of there. 
iii. There are troublesome times ahead.
iv. It cannot even help us to distinguish good from evil. 
v. Bring me the two most precious things in the city.

(b) Translate the following sentences from Punjabi/Hindi to English (any four):
(4×1=4 Marks)
i. ਅੱਜ ਬਹੁਤ ਠੰਡ ਹੈ./आज बहुत ठंड है।   
ii. ਮੈਂ ਇੱਕ ਵਿਦਿਆਰਥੀ ਹਾਂ./ मैं एक छात्र हूं।
iii. ਇਹ ਅੱਜ ਨੇੜੇ ਹੈ./यह आज करीब है।   
iv. ਇਹ ਖਬਰ ਸੱਚ ਹੈ./यह खबर सच है।  
v. ਦਿੱਲੀ ਭਾਰਤ ਦੀ ਰਾਜਧਾਨੀ ਹੈ./दिल्ली भारत की राजधानी है।   
vi. ਸਾਡੀ ਕਲਾਸ ਵਿਚ ਦਸ ਲੜਕੀਆਂ ਹਨ./हमारी कक्षा में दस लड़कियां हैं।   

8. Do as directed: (12×1=12 Marks)
i. Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners:

 She is favourite teacher.
ii. Fill the blanks with suitable modal:
a) It be Jaya. (can/may) (not very sure)
b) We serve our country. (ought to / should) (not so forceful)

iii. Fill the blanks with suitable prepositions:
a) He was very kind   others.   
b) Once there lived a hermit a forest.    

iv. Combine the following sentence with suitable conjunction:

 He is the boy. He broke the window. [use who]
v. Fill in the blank with suitable connectors:

 he was telling me a sad episode had happened with him two days.

vi. Identify the subordinate clause and name it:
I had never thought that your brother was so lazy.

vii. Complete the following sentence using the infinitive form of the verb given in the bracket:
They were eager........... the game.  (star)

viii. Combine the sentence by using non-finite:
You should not blow horn near a hospital. It is forbidden.

ix. Change the voice:

  Am I favouring you?

x. Change the narration:

 Preeti said, “She teaches English well."
xi. Change the tense:
Here (come) the bride. (Present Indefinite. Tense)

xii. Punctuate the following:
balwinder to tell you the truth is a crook

9. (a) Advertise  

You are Sonal, Cultural Secretary, of the City Public School, Lucknow. Draft a notice inviting students to give their names for Fancy Dress Competition.

  (4 Marks)

(b) Write a paragraph (any one): (5 Marks)

 FAST FOOD- A HEALTH HAZARD: Fast food ………. Quick and inexpensive …………… can buy just about anywhere …………. Much popular ……… inexpensive because made with cheap ingredients ……….. Unhealthy ……………. Can lead to health problems like heart diseases and obesity ………. Boycott the habit of eating fast foods. 


FASHION AMONG STUDENTS: Students …… very particular about fashions ….. ape actors and actresses …… competition among them ….. health clubs …… beauty parlours …… boutiques …… students are conscious regarding their physical looks …… put on expensive clothes …… nothing wrong in this …….. but they should not devote all their time and energy to fashions.

(c) Write a letter   
You are Jeevan. You live with your parents at Prem Nagar, Ambala. Write a letter to your younger brother Manav scolding him for neglecting his studies.
You are Komal Verma. You live in 53-Central Town, Jalandhar. The postman of your street is rude and irregular. Write a letter to the postmaster complaining against the conduct of the postman.

  (7 Marks)

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