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Ans.1  She (Anne Mansfield Sullivan) was Helen Keller’s teacher.
Ans.2  Mother was waiting to and fro in the house. Helen’s teacher was expected to come.
Ans.3  She was waiting with a beating heart for something to be happened.
Ans.4  The gift of light and the light of shone on her, in that very hour.
Ans.5  The little blind children at the Perkins Institute had sent it.
Ans.6  She learnt to spell the words with a finger play on different things.
Ans.7  She felt sad because she was unable to learn the difference between mug and water.    
Ans.8  The words were pin, hat, cup and a few verbs like sit, stand and walk.
Ans.9  She learnt the mystery of language as cool water flowed over her hand.
Ans.10   She touched the pieces of the doll which she had broken, her eyes were filled with tears.

Ans1 ‘The Story of My Life’ is written by Helen Keller. She was blind, deaf and dumb. The theme of the chapter is that nothing is impossible before hard work and strong will. Helen Keller was nineteen months when she became blind deaf and dumb. Her teacher Anne Sullivan gave a right direction to her life. She learned to read and write Braille. She was a quick learner. She learned lip reading, by feeling shapes. She was very hard working. Thus she overcome her physical barriers by her strong will.
Ans2 Helen Keller was a woman of strong will power and determination. She suffered from a fever in her childhood. She became blind, deaf and dumb. But she fought against her misery. Anne Sullivan helped her. Helen Keller worked hard. She was a quick learner. She overcome her physical barriers by her strong will. She learned Braille. She wrote a book ‘The Story of My Life’ it describes her struggles.
Ans3 Helen Keller’s teacher was Anne Sullivan. She was very intelligent, hardworking and determined teacher. Helen describes her ‘the light of love’. She took great pains with her. She never got impatient with her. She made efforts to teach her new words. In the end her efforts brought fruit. Helen Keller learned how to communicate. Helen Keller describes her struggle in her book ‘The Story of My Life’.
1)      The writer of the chapter is Helen Keller.

2)      'The Story of My Life' is her auto-biography.

3)      She wrote it at the age of 22.

4)      Helen Keller became deaf and blind at the age of nineteen months because of fever.

5)      Anne Sullivan was her teacher.

6)      Helen Keller met Sullivan, when she was of 7 years.

7)      She learned the art of lip reading known as TADOMA.

8)      The first word she learned by finger play was'd-o-l-l'.

9)      She got the doll from the blind children of Perkins institution.

10)    While learning she got upset and broke the doll.

11)    She was confused with the words 'mug' and 'water'.

12)    At the well house she learned the word 'water'.

13)    Anne Sullivan played a great role in teaching her.

This lesson tells us that even the blind and deaf can live life beautifully. A gifted person, even if he is handicapped, can make a good contribution to the society. Helen Keller was such a person. Despite being blind and deaf she had a great gift of communication. Her teacher named Anne Sullivan came to teach her. Helen Keller was an eager learner. She was very happy when she learned the language. Helen Keller wrote her autobiography at the age of 22.