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Ans.1  Because he did not say ‘Top Please’.
Ans.2  Insulted by the passenger, the liftman passed his anger on his wife.
Ans.3  Insulted liftman passed his anger on his wife because he was abused by his employer.
Ans.4  We should acknowledge a service.
Ans.5  Words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ are the little courtesies.
Ans.6  He thought the passengers are his natural enemies.
Ans.7  Because he did not have money with him to buy a ticket.
Ans.8 The narrator did not have money but the conductor gave him the ticket.
Ans.9  The conductor was a kind and helpful man.
Ans.10  By controlling his anger and ill will.

Ans1 This interesting lesson ‘On Saying Please’ is penned by A.G.Gardiner. It gives us information about manners. ‘On Saying Please’ means use of good manners. Good manners make our life pleasant. We can solve a difficult problem by good manners. Please and Thank you are small words. But these words make our life sweet and nice. These words oil the machine of life. Bad manners poison the stream of life. No doubt bad manners are not legal offence, but they spoil our mood.
Ans2 One day, the author boarded a bus in a hurry. He found that he had no money in his pocket. When conductor came to him he the author told him that he had no money. The conductor asked him where he wanted to go and gave him ticket. Suddenly, the author found a shilling in the corner of his pocket and the conductor. But he could never forget the pleasure of the good natured action of the conductor.
Ans3 The bus conductor is an interesting character of the story ‘On Saying Please’ penned by A.G.Gardiner. He was an inspiring person. He was very polite and kind. He gave a ticket to writer when he had no money. With children he behaved like a father. With elderly people he behaved like a son. He always gave comfort to his passengers. His character teaches us that we should always show good manners.
1)      The author of the lesson is A.G. Gardiner.

2)      Author tells us the importance of politeness in life.

3)      A liftman threw a passenger out of the lift for not saying please.

4)      Liftman was fined for this.

5)      Bad manners are not a legal crime.

6)      Bad manners spoil our life.

7)      Words like 'Please' and 'thank you' make life easier.

8)      Author praises the bus conductor.
This essay tells us about the value of good manners. Bad manners are not a legal crime. But a man with bad manners is disliked by everybody. Words like 'please' and 'thank you' help us in making our work easier. A liftman was punished for throwing an ill mannered person out of the lift. The liftman was wrong because he had used violence. If a person is hurt physically he can go to the law. Bad manners create a chain reaction, so do the good manners. So we should reply bad manners with good manners.