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Ans.1 Because of the fear of unemployment.
Ans.2 Working in mines, building work, work with chemicals are the dangerous jobs.
Ans.3 The routine jobs are like filling cards, typing letters, tightening bolts and carrying things.
Ans.4 Human brain is more creative because it can think.
Ans.5 Jobs that involved horses.
Ans.6 Automobile industry created many jobs in the field of tyre making, road works, garged etc.
Ans.7   We can deal transition period with patience and intelligence.
Ans. 8 A ’robot’ does work automatically but ‘human brain’ is much creative.
Ans.9 Robots cannot do creative and imaginative works.

Ans1 This interesting lesson ‘Robots And People’ is penned by Isaac Asimov. It gives us a lot of information about Robots and Machines.’ Robots and Machines are very useful for man. They have made our life easy. They can do many jobs like man. But use of robots causes fear of unemployment. The human brain has creativeness and imaginations. But Robots and computers work according to orders given to them. There are two types of intelligence-The Computer intelligence and Human intelligence. Computers and robots can do work much faster. But human brain is better than other machines.
Ans2 Human brains are par excellence because they are makers or inventors. It is creative and imaginative. It can suppose and wonder. Robots and machines work according to orders given to them. They are lifeless. They don’t have, free will, creativity and imagination. They are gadgets invented by man. There are two types of intelligence-The Computer intelligence and Human intelligence. Computers and robots can do work much faster. But human brain is beter than other machines.
Ans3 Machines have made our life easy and comfortable. Now Robots can do many jobs like man. But use of machines cause fear of unemployment. Car industry destroyed many jobs related horses. Machines are very useful for man. Automobiles created many new jobs as they destroyed. Thus this industry played the boon as well as bane for the workers.
Ans4 In the end of the chapter, the author says that there are two types of intelligence on earth. The Computer intelligence and The Human intelligence. Together the two intelligences will be able to do much more than either could do alone.
1)      Issac Asimov is the author of the chapter.

2)      A robot is a mechanical device.

3)      Robots are useless in imaginative and creative jobs.

4)      Some jobs are dangerous for human beings.

5)      Working in mines and with chemicals and explosives are dangerous jobs.

6)      Robots can be used for dangerous jobs.

7)      With every invention some jobs are lost.

8)      The invention of automobiles led to the loss of jobs involving horses.

9)      But new kinds of jobs like tyre manufacturing, garages, repairing jobs, oil well drilling etc. were also created.
10)    The factory where cars are made is called an automobile factory.

11)    In future, children should be educated using computers and robots.

12)    Computers are very good at solving mathematical problems.

13)    But human brain is more creative and imaginative.

This lesson is based on the idea that machines are very useful for man. Robots are mechanical devices. They are not creative. Every scientific invention destroys old jobs and creates new ones. The automobile industry destroyed jobs that involved horses, but it created many garages, auto mechanics, tyre manufacturing etc. There are two kinds of intelligence on the earth. They are computer/robot intelligence and human intelligence. Together the two will be able to do much more.

Q1. What led to the loss of jobs with invention of automobiles?
Ans. Automobiles made travelling easy. So the job related to the earlier mode of transport had a loss of jobs. It included jobs related to horses, carts, leash etc.

Q2. How was the automobile industry a boon for employment?
Ans. It proved a boon because the jobs it created were more than it destroyed. There were jobs related to manufacturing, repair, oil well drilling etc.

Q3. How can we deal with transition period?
Ans. We can deal with transition period only with patience and intelligence.

Q4. What is the prime difference between a robot and a human brain?
Ans. Robots work under instruction. Humans feed program in computers. Robots follow that. But human brains are creative, imaginative and limitless.

Theme-Robots and People
The chapter discusses the role of technology in our life. Some people think that robots will be a reason of unemployment. But the author says that there is difference in human and robot intelligence. Human brain is creative and imaginative. Computers or robots cannot think. They work only on commands.

Moreover robots can be used for the jobs that can be fatal for human beings. Mining, working with dangerous chemicals and explosive materials are some such jobs. In this way robots can prove helpful to save human lives.
The author also supports his views with example of automobile industry. We all know that with automobile industry replace jobs related to horses and horse carts. But it also generated many new jobs of assembly line in the industry. It needs to reeducate people to work with new technology. So basically, technology is very helpful in the development of society.