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Ans.1 The moneylender would write off the farmer’s debt if he could marry with his daughter.
Ans.2 The girl would become the moneylender’s wife and her father’s debt would be written off.
Ans.3 The moneylender picked up two black pebbles and put them into the bag.
Ans.4 The girl left a black pebble in the bag and changed the impossible situation, into coining one.
Ans. 5 Lateral Thinking means thinking differently and being creative.
Ans.6 ‘Lateral Thinking’ is a skill which helps us to use our potential fully.
Ans. 7 Because the millionaire wanted to park his car safely at a cheap price.
Ans.8 Because he was the richest man of America and the asked loan amount was very small.

Ans1 Lateral thinking is used in several Felds. In cricket Kerry Packer introduced day/night matches, colourful balls and clothing. It is diferent from traditonal cricket. It became successful in the world. Nowadays T20 matches have become very popular.
Ans2 The money lender picked up two pebbles. The girl noticed that he picked up two black pebbles. He put the pebbles into the bag. He asked the girl to pick a pebble from the bag. The clever girl took out a pebble and fall onto the pebble strewn path. Now it was lost among all the other pebbles. The pebble left in the bag was black. It was assumed that she had picked the white one. In this way the girl defeated the money lender’s evil plan.
Ans3 The chapter penned by an unknown writer. It teaches us the value of lateral thinking. It means doing a work in a diferent way. It is an art. We can solve a difficult problem easily by lateral thinking. Edward de Bono favors the lateral thinking. In this chapter, by using it a village girl saved her father and herself from a cunning money lender. And a rich man Thomas parked his new Ferrari car in New York for two weeks for just $ 15.
Ans4 A millionaire names Thomas took a loan of 5000 dollars for few days. As security for the loan, he gave his car and its papers to the bank. The car was taken to the underground garage of the bank. After two weeks he came back and returned the loan and ffeen dollars interest. When the bank manager asked him about this, he smiled and told him that there was no other way of parking his new Ferrari in New York for two weeks for just 15 dollars.
1)      The chapter is an article adapted from Internet.

2)      Edward De Bono gives his notion of lateral thinking.

3)      Different kind of thinking is creative thinking.

4)      A farmer borrowed a large some of money from a money lender.

5)      The money lender was old and ugly.

6)      He wanted to marry the farmer's daughter.

7)      He suggested a clever plan.

8)      He played a pebble game.

9)      The girl had to pick one pebble from the bag.

10)    If she picked a white pebble, she need not marry the money lender.

11)    If she picked a black pebble, she had to marry the money lender.

12)    He put two black pebbles in the bag.

13)    The girl picked one black pebble and quickly dropped it on the ground.

14)    Now only a black pebble was left in bag.

15)    The girl didn’t have to marry the money lender.

16)    Thomas was a millionaire.

17)    He borrowed a loan of five thousand dollars from the bank.

18)    He gave his Ferrari car as security.

19)    He returned the loan after two weeks.

20)    He paid interest of 15 dollars.

21)    Kerry Packer introduced day-night matches and colourful clothing in cricket.

This chapter is based on the theme that complex problems can be solved by lateral thinking. This chapter gives some examples. A poor farmer had to give a lot of money to a money lender. The old and ugly money lender wanted to marry the farmer's beautiful daughter for writing off the debt. The girl was asked to play a pebble game. She defeated the money lender's trick by lateral thinking. Similarly a rich man, Thomas, took a small loan from a bank for two weeks to get his car parked safely. He paid the bank just 15 dollars for parking his new Ferrari.

1. What was the proposal given to the poor farmer by the money lender?
Ans. The poor farmer has taken debt from the money lender. The proposal was if farmer’s daughter married the money lender his debt will be written off

Q2. What would have happened if the girl had selected a black pebble in the pebble game?
Ans. If she picked black pebble her father’s debt would have been written off. But she had to marry the money lender.

Q3. How did the girl intelligently win?
Ans. The girl picked the stone and trickily threw on the pebble strewn path. The left stone in the money bag was of black color. So it saved the girl from getting married to the money lender but her father’s debt was written off.

Q4. What do you understand by the term ‘Lateral Thinking’?
Ans. Lateral thinking is non-linear or creative thinking. It also means thinking differently.

Q5. What was the millionaire’s trick in borrowing the loan?
Ans. It helped the millionaire to park his Ferrari in bank’s garage. The interest of that loan was $15 only. So he was able to manage safe parking in the middle of New York at very cheap cost.

Theme-Lateral Thinking
Edward de Bono propagated the idea of lateral thinking. Lateral thinking is thinking differently. The chapter is based on the idea that we can use lateral thinking to solve complex problems. All problems cannot be solved logically.

The money lender in the story cheats the farmer and his daughter. Farmer’s daughter acts laterally. She changes the situation in her favor. As a result, she did not have to marry the money-lender. Her father’s debt is also written off.

Similarly the millionaire also finds a safe place to his car in the middle of New York thinking laterally. In the field of cricket also, many new ideas has been introduced to improve the game. Thus the essay is based upon the importance of lateral thinking in our life.