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Ans.1 Philip wanted to become a musician.
Ans.2 Because Philip was talented and always eager to learn.
Ans.3 Because Philip’s mother was not at home and he could not get a clean shirt.
Ans.4 Philip got it from his music teacher’s wife. She fitted the shirt on his body with pins.
Ans.5 The large shirt fell away and the public began to laugh.
Ans.6 Philip started working in a bakery.
Ans.7 It was a tiring job and he preferred death to do work at bakery.
Ans.8 He wanted to take Philip to study in the Marine Band.
Ans.9 It was a travelling circus. The leader if circus lured him, a vision of fine future.
Ans. 10 Philip was known as the March King because he composed a famous, ‘The Washington Post March.’

Ans1 John Philip Sousa was the main character of the story ‘The March King’ written by K.L.Bakeless. He was a young boy. His father was in US Marine Band. He also wanted to become a musician. He learned to play violin. He loved to play baseball. He got chance for solo performance at the age of eleven. But he went for baseball match on the same day. He could not give his good performance. His teacher scolded him. So, he stopped taking music lessons from him. Then he decided to become a baker. But it was a trying job. So he left it also. He started his violin classes again. A circus man offered him to join circus. He but his father got him admitted as a trainee in Marine Band. He composed many marches and became The March King.
Ans2 Philip played a match of baseball on the same day. His clothes were dirty. His mother was not at home. He had no clean shirt to wear. His music teacher’s wife fitted his husband’s shirt on him. But during performance the shirt became loose and fell away. The audience began to laugh. Philip got upset and rushed off from the stage. The show was spoilt.
Ans3 When her husband sent Philip to her. She quickly fĂȘted one of his husband’s shirt on him with pins. In this way she helped Philip to get a clean shirt.
Ans4 The chapter ‘The March King’ has been written by K.L.Bakeless. The theme of the lesson is that one can succeed in life if one pursues a vocation according to one’s interest. One must not mix professional work with entertainment and play. The saying was true in the case of John Philip Sousa. He decided to become a musician. He didn’t take his responsibility seriously. He didn’t have a proper dress for concert. Then he decided to become a baker, but he fed up with this job. Then he decided to join the circus. His father saw that he was good at playing violin. He got him recruited him in the Marine Band of Washington. With his hard work he became The March King. The writer wants to say that one should work regularly for excellence in a profession.
Ans5 His father sent him to Charlie’s bakery. He was impressed with baker’s speed and skill. He went to the bakery at 8:30 pm. Early in the morning, he helped to load the bakery wagon. He went to school at 8o’clock. He couldn’t learn much. He said to his father that he would rather die than be a baker.
Ans6 Philip became a famous music composer. He wrote more than hundred marches. He wrote one of the finest marches for a special occasion. The Washington Post held an essay contest. A big day was planned. The Washington Post March was played. Everybody cheered wildly. They applauded Philip for what he had done for the Feld of music.

1)      The writer of the story is K. L. Bakeless.

2)      The story is about John Philip Sousa.

3)      When he was a child, he wanted to become a musician.

4)      He started attending music school at the age of 7.

5)      Mr. Esputa was his music teacher.

6)      He loved playing baseball.

7)      He got into trouble because he played baseball on the day of the concert.

8)      His teacher's wife gave him a clean shirt to wear.

9)      As the shirt was loose and fell away, the concert was a flop show.

10)    He started working in a bakery.

11)    He didn’t like that job, as it was very tiring.

12)    Then a circus leader asked him to join circus as a musician.

13)    The circus was running near Pennsylvania.

14)    Sousa served as band master for five different presidents.

15)    He wrote more than a hundred marches.

16)    He was known as the March king.

The theme of the chapter is that one can succeed in life if one follows a career according to one's interest. John Philip Sausa was a young boy. He wanted to become a musician. He learned to play violin. He also loved to play baseball. He was chosen to play violin for the annual function. When he was performing, his shirt pulled loose, and he ran away from the stage. Then he started working at a bakery. But he left it as it was very tiring. He was offered a job in circus also. At the end, he was enlisted in the U.S. Marine band. He composed more than hundred marches. He became famous as the March King.

Q1. Why did Philip learn violin quickly?
Ans. Philip was talented. He was eager to learn. So he learned to play violin quickly.

Q2. Why did Philip get into trouble on the day of the concert?
Ans. Philip got into trouble because of his stupidity. He played baseball whole day on the day of concert. He forgot to keep his dress ready for the concert.

Q3. How did Philip manage to get a clean dress?
Ans. His music teacher’s wife Mrs. Esputa helped Philip. She fitted her husband’s shirt with the help of pins.

Q4. What made the concert a flop show for Philip?
Ans. The pins of his large shirt got loosen. The shirt fell from his neck. The audience started laughing. In the shock, Philip forgot what he was playing. This made his concert a flop show.

Character Sketch-John Philip Sousa
John Philip Sousa is the main character of this story. He is a young boy in USA. His father is in US marine band. He also wanted to become a musician. He learned to play violin and became a master of violin soon. He also liked to play baseball.

At the age of 11, he had a solo performance in music concert. But he went for baseball match on the same day. Therefore he could not give good performance. So his music teacher scolded him. After this Sousa stopped playing violin.

Now he wanted to become a baker. But it was a tiring job. Soon he left this job also. He started learning violin again. Once a circus man heard souse playing violin. He offered Sousa to join circus. He accepted the offer. He did not tell his parents about it. But his father came to know of his plans. Finally, his father got him selected in Marine Band. Sousa composed more than hundred marches. This made him the March king.