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Translation English to Punjabi Class 10


1. Where shall I put up?
1. mYN ik~Qy TihrWgw?
2. I hope the town has made preparations.
2. mYnMU Aws hY ik ngr ny iqAwrIAW kr leIAW hn[
3. Then he saw the statue on the tall column.
3. iPr ausny au~cy QMmH au~pr KVy bu~q nUM dyiKAw[
4. It is a fine position with plenty of fresh air.
4. ieh bhuq qwzI hvw vwlw cMgw sQwn hY[
5. I have a golden bedroom.
5. myry kol ie~k suinhrw sOx vwlw kmrw hY[
6. “What a curious thing!” he cried.
6. “ikMnI AjIb g~l hY[“ auh ic~lwieAw[
7. Then another drop fell.
7. iPr ie~k hor bUMd if~gI[
8. You have quite drenched me.
8. qUM mYnUM iblkul ig~lw kr id~qw hY[
9. My courtiers called me the Happy Prince
9. myry drbwrI mYnMU hYpI ipRMs kih ky bulwauNdy sn[
10. He was too polite to make any personal remarks.
10. auh ieMnw inmr sI ik koeI ivAkqIgq itpxI nhI krnw cwhuMdw sI[
11. I am waited for in Egypt.
11. myrw imsr ivc ieMqzwr ho irhw hY[
12. I don’t think I like boys.
12. mYN nhI smJdw ik mYnMU lVky psMd hn[
13. I want to go to Egypt.
13. mYN imsr jwxw cwhuMdw hW[
14. “How cool I feel!” said the boy.
14. “mYN ikMnw TMfw mihsUs kr irhw hW[“ lVky ny ikhw[
15. That is because you have done a good deed.
15. Aijhw ies leI hY ikauNik qUM ie~k cMgw kMm kIqw hY[
16. Thinking always made him sleepy.
16. socx nwl ausnMU Aksr nINd Aw jWdI sI [
17. “Have you any commissions for Egypt?”
17. kI qYnUM imsr ivc koeI kMm hY?
18. Will you stay with me one night longer?
18. kI qUM myry nwl ie~k rwq hor TihryNgw?
19. My eyes are all that I have left.
19. hux myry kol isr& myrIAWn A~KW hI bcIAW hn[
20. Do as I command you.
20. ijvyN mYN kihMdw hW ausy qrHW kr [
21. I am beginning to be appreciated.
21. myrI pRSMsw hox l~gI hY [
22. Now I can finish my play.
22. hux mYN Awpxw nwtk pUrw kr skdw hW[
23. I have come to bid you good bye.
23. mYN qYnMU Alivdw kihx AwieAw hW[
24. I will stay with you one night longer.
24. mYN ie~k hor rwq qyry kol ru~k jwvWgw[
25. You would be quite blind then.
25. iPr qusIN iblkul AMnHy ho jwvogy[
26. What a lovely bit of glass!
26. k~c dw ikMnw suMdr tukVw hY!
27. Then the Swallow came to the Prince.
27. iPr AbwbIl rwjkumwr kol vwps AwieAw[
28. You must go away to Egypt.
28. qYnUM imsr jrUr jwxw cwhIdw hY[
29. No, I will stay with you always.
29. nhIN, mYN hmySW quhwfy nwl rhWgw[
30. There is no mystery as great as misery.
30. koeI vI rh~s pIVw dy rh~s qoN v~fw nhIN huMdw[
31. How hungry we are!
31. AsIN ikMny Bu~Ky hW!
32. You must not lie here.
32. qusIN ie~Qy iblkul nhIN lytxw hY[
33. I am covered with fine gold.
33. mYN vDIAw sony nwlFikAw hoieAw hW[
34. But at last he knew that he was going to die.
34. prMqU AKIr auh jwx igAw ik auh mrn vwlw hY[
35. Will you let me kiss your hand?
35. kI qUM mYnUM Awpxw h~Q cuMmx dyvyNgw?
36. It is not to Egypt that I am going.
36. ieh imsr nhIN ij~Qy mY jw irhw hW [
37. I am going to the house of death.
37. mYN mOq dy Gr jw irhw hW [
38. It certainly was a dreadful hard frost.
38. ieh scmuc hI iBAwnk s^q kohrw sI[
39. How shabby the Happy Prince looks!
39. hYpI ipRMs ikMnw B~dw idKweI idMdw hY[
40. In fact, he is little better than a beggar.
40. Asl ivc auh iBKwrI nwloN vI vDIAw nhI lg irhw hY[
41. So they pulled down the statue of the Happy Prince.
41. ies leI auhnW ny hYpI ipRMs dy bu~q nUM hyTW fyg id~qw[
42. Then they melted the statue in a furnace.
42. iPr auhnW ny bu~q nUM B~TI ivc ipGlwieAw[
43. What a strange thing!
43. ikMnI AjIb g~l hY!
44. Bring me the two most precious things in the city.
44. Sihr dIAW do sB qoN kImqI cIzW mYnUM ilAw ky idau[
45. You have rightly chosen.
45. qusIN shI cox kIqI hY[
46. What is the meaning of life?
46. jIvn dw kI ArQ hY?
47. Where are we all going?
47. AsIN swry ik~Qy jw rhy hW?
48. Where is science taking us?
48. ivigAwn swnUM ik~Qy lY ky jw irhw hY?
49. Here science is actually doing less than nothing.
49. ies Kyqr ivc ivigAwn Asl ivc ku~J nhI qoN vI G~t kr irhw hY[
50. This is the age of the machines
50. ieh mSIn dw Xu~g hY [
51. What are the consequences of this abnormal power?
51. ies AswDwrn SkqI dy kI nqIjy hn?
52. This talk was delivered around the 1950’s.
52. ieh BwSx 1950 dy Aws-pws id~qw igAw sI[
53. It will need some readjustments.
53. ies dy leI kuJ nvyN pRbMD krn dI loV pvygI [
54. War is the worst example.
54. Xu~D sB qoN burI audhwrx hY [
55. Man is struggling in a sort of vicious circle.
55. mnu~K iek qrW dy duSc~kr ivc sMGrS kr irhw hY [
56. What is science really after?
56. ivigAwn Asl ivc kI cIz cwhuMdw hY?
57. That goes beyond material things.
57. ieh Boiqk cIzW qoN dUr dI g~l hY[
58. What is really needed in the world today?
58. A~j dunIAW ivc Asl ivc iks cIz dI loV hY[
59. That is what the world is waiting for.
59. iehI cIz hY ijs dw dunIAW ieMqzwr kr rhI hY[
60. It cannot even help us to distinguish good from evil.
60. ieh qW burweI Aqy cMigAweI ivc AMqr krn ivc vI swfI mdd nhI kr skdw[
61. I wish I had another hundred years.
61. kwS! myry kol iek sO swl hor huMdy[
62. There are troublesome times ahead.
62. Awaux vwly smyN muSiklW Bry hn[
63. He used the familiar illustration of the burning glass.
63. ausny jlwaux vwly SISy dy ie~k jwxy-pCwxy audhwrx dw pRXog kIqw[
64. What had happened?
64. kI hoieAw sI?
65. You are greater than you think.
65. qusIN ijMnw socdy ho, aus qoN vI ijAwdw mhwn ho[
66. In the personality of every individual, there is a great reservoir of unused power.
66. hr ivAkqI dI S^sIAq AMdr ibnW vrqI geI SkqI dw mhwn BMfwr huMdw hY [
67. One of these sermons was by Gilbert Chesterton.
67. auhnW pRvcnW ivcoN iek pRvcn iglbrt cYstrtn dI rcnw sI [
68. It touches every one of us in some way.
68. ieh swfy ivcoN hryk nUM iksy nw iksy rUp ivc CUMhdw hY [
69. Many people, for example, have financial fears.
69. audhwrx vjoN bhuq swry lokW nUM iv~qI fr huMdy hn[
70. We have fears of ill health.
70. swnUM Krwb ishq dy fr huMdy hn[
71. This is a problem common to all of us.
71. ieh swfy swirAW dI sWJI sm~isAw hY[
72. A fear is not unlike a ghost.
72. koeI vI fr iksy BUq qoN v~Krw nhI huMdw[
73. It frightens you in the gloom.
73. hnyry ivc quhwnUM ieh frw idMdw hY[
74. Most of the things one fears never happen.
74. ijAwdwqr cIzW ijMnW qoN AwdmI frdw hY, kdy nhIN vwprdIAW[
75. I didn’t want to die.
75. mYN mrnw nhIN cwhuMdw sI[
76. I wanted to get out of there.
76. mYN auQoN inkl jwxw cwhuMdw sI [
77. I leaped to the door and flung it open.
77. mYN drvwzy v~l lpikAw Aqy ie~ko Jtky nwl ies nUM Kol id~qw[
78. His eyesight was threatened.
78. aus dI idRStI SkqI Kqry ivc sI[
79. Disease afflicted him.
79. rog aus nUM kSt idMdy sn [
80. But he never lost his calm.
80. pr ausny kdy vI AwpxI SWqI nMU nhIN C~ifAw [
81. In that relationship, he lost his fears.
81. ies sMbMD kwrx ausny Awpxy swry fr ^qm kr id~qy[
82. There is the real escape from fear.
82. fr qoN Cutkwrw pwaux dw ie~k vwsqivk qrIkw hY[
83. Then you will have total peace of mind.
83. i&r quhwnUM pUrn mwnisk SWqI pRwpq ho jwvygI[
84. Three times Della counted it.
84. fYlw ny ies nUM iqMn vwr I gixAw[
85. And the next day would be Christmas.
85. Aqy Agly idn ikRsms sI[
86. Della finished crying.
86. fYlw ny roxw bMd kr id~qw[
87. Twenty dollars a week doesn’t go far.
87. hr h&qy vIh fwlr koeI ijAwdw nhI cldy[
88. Expenses had been greater than she had calculated.
88. Krcy aus qoN ijAwdw hUMdy sn ijMnw auh gxnw krdI sI[
89. Only $1.87 to buy a present for Jim.
89. ijm leI qoh&w KrIdx leI isr& 1.87 fwlr[
90. Her eyes were shining brilliantly.
90. aus dIAW A~KW qyjI nwl cmk rhIAW sn[
91. Rapidly she pulled down her hair.
91. aus ny Awpxy vwl qyjI nwl hyTW v~l su~ty[
92. It reached below her knees.
92. auh ausdy goifAW qoN hyTW qk phuMc rhy sn[
93. For a minute she faltered.
93. ie~k imMt leI auh ivcilq hoeI[
94. Tears appeared in her eyes.
94. aus dIAW A~KW ivc hMJU Aw gey[
95. It looked like a cascade of brown waters.
95. ieh BUry pwxI dy ie~k Jrny vWg l~gdy sn[
96. That was only for a moment.
96. auh isr& ie~k pl leI hI sI[
97. The shop was located on the second floor.
97. dukwn dUjI mMzl qy siQq sI[
98. Will you buy my hair?
98. kI qusIN myry vwl KrIdogy?
99. Give it to me quickly.
99. ieh mYnMU jldI dy idau[
100. It surely had been made for Jim and no one else.
100. XkInn ieh ijm leI jI bxwieAw igAw sI, hor leI hI[
101. The tiny curls made her look like a boy.
101. Coty-Coty C~ilAW ivc auh ie~k lVkw jwpdI sI[
102. What could I do with a dollar and eighty-seven cents.
102. ie~k fwlr Aqy sqwsI sYNtW nwl mYN kr hI kI skdI sI[
103. Jim was never late.
103. ijm kdy vI dyrI nwl nhIN AwauNdw sI[
104. Then she heard his step on the stairs.
104. iPr aus ny pOVIAW qoN aus dy kdm dI Awvwz suxI[
105. She turned white for just a moment.
105. auh ie~k pl leI s&Yd pY geI[
106. He looked thin and very serious.
106. auh pqlw Aqy bhuq gMBIr l~g irhw sI[
107. I just had to do it.
107. mYnUM Aijhw krnw hI ipAw[
108. Jim looked about the room curiously.
108. ijm ny auqsukqw nl kmry ivc ie~Dr-au~Dr dyiKAw[
109. Dell’s white fingers quickly opened the package.
109. fYlw dIAW s&Yd nauNglIAW ny qyzI nwl pYkt nUM Kol id~qw[
110. My hair grows so fast.
110. myry vwl bhuq qyzI nwl vD jWdy hn[
111. Jim had not yet seen his beautiful present.
111. ijm ny Ajy qk Awpxw suMdr qoh&w nhI dyiKAw sI[
112. I haunted all over the town to find it.
112. ies nUM Bwlx leI mYN swry Sihr ivc iPrdI rhI[
113. Give me your watch.
113. mYnUM AwpxI GVI idau[
114. I want to see how it looks on it.
114. mYN dyKxw cwhuMdI hW ik ieh ies qy ikho ijhI l~gdI hY[
115. They are too nice to use just at present.
115. auh ieMny vDIAw hn ik auhnW dw pRXog ies smyN nhIN kIqw jw skdw[
116. I sold the watch to get money to buy your combs.
116. qyrIAW kMGIAW ^rIdx leI pYsy pRwpq krn leI mYN GVI vyc id~qI[
117. And now please get the dinner ready.
117. Aqy hux ikrpw krky ifnr iqAwr kr idau[
118. This does not belong to me.
118. ies dw sMbMD myry nwl nhIN hY [
119. The entire universe is one family.
119. pUrw ivSv ie~k pirvwr hY [
120. Ashtavakra thundered back to the king.
120. AStvkr ny aultw grjdI Avwz ivc rwjy nUM ikhw [
121. This put the entire assembly to shame.
121. ies ny swrI sBw nUM SrimMdw kr id~qw[
122. Phatik Chakravarti was the ring-leader amongst the boys of his village.
122. Pitk c~krvrqI ipMf dw muMifAW dw mu~KIAw sI [
123. One day a plan for new mischief entered his head.
123. iek idn nvIN Srwr dI iek Xojnw aus dy idmwg ivc AweI [
124. The boys puzzled for a moment.
124. lVky iek pl leI aulJx ivc pY gey [
125. But his courage failed him at the crises.
125. pr sMkt vwlI hwlq ivc aus dI ihMmq jvwb dy geI [
126. But Phatik was a little frightened.
126. pr Pitk QoVw ijhw fr igAw[
127. He knew what was coming.
127. auh jwxdw sI ik kI hox vwlw sI[
128. The first act of the drama was over.
128. nwtk dw pihlw AMk ^qm ho igAw sI[
129. Phatik went on nibbling the grass.
129. Pitk Gwh kuqrdw irhw[
130. The stranger asked him again.
130. AjnbI ny aus qoN dubwrw p~uiCAw[
131. Phatik refused to move.
131. Pitk ny ih~lx qoN ienkwr kr id~qw[
132. But on this occasion the servant was the master.
132. pr ies mOky nOkr mwilk bixAw hoieAw sI [
133. So you have been hitting Makhan again.
133. qW qUM mwKx nUM i&r qoN ku~t irhw hYN[
134. Phatik answered indignantly.
134. Pitk ny gu~sy ivc jvwb id~qw[
135. Phatik’s patience was already exhausted.
135. Pitk dI sihx SkqI pihlW hI ^qm ho cu~kI sI[
136. He could not bear this injustice.
136. auh ies AinAW nUM sihx nw kr sikAw[
137. Would you hit your own mother?
137. kI qUM AwpxI mW nUM vI mwryNgw?
138. He asked what had occurred.
138. aus ny pu~iCAw ik kI hoieAw sI[
139. Phatik looked sheepish and ashamed.
139. Pitk mUMh curwauNdw Aqy SrimMdw lgdw sI[
140. The next few days were full of rejoicing.
140. Agly kuJ idn KuSI nwl Bry sn[
141. He was lazy, disobedient and wild.
141. auh susq, gusqw^ Aqy Awvwrw sI[
142. The widowed mother rapidly agreed.
142. ivDvw mW qurMq rwzI ho geI [
143. He is neither ornamental nor useful.
143. auh nw qW sohxw Aqy nw hI aupXogI hY[
144. Uncle, when can I go home?
144. mwmw jI, mYN Gr kdoN jw skWgw[
145. Wait till the holidays come.
145. Cu~tIAW hox qk ieMqzwr kr[
146. One day Phatik lost his lesson book.
146. iek idn Pitk AwpxI pwT pusqk guAw bYTw[
147. The next morning Phatik was nowhere to be seen.
147. AglI svyr Pitk ikqy vI nzr nw AwieAw[
148. Search in the neighbourhood proved futile.
148. guAWF ivc kIqI geI qlwS bykwr is~D hoeI[
149. At last Bishamber asked the police to help him.
149. A^Ir ibSMbr ny puils nUM aus dI mdd krn leI ikhw[
150. It was still raining and the streets were flooded.
150. vr^w hwly vI ho rhI sI Aqy glIAW ivc pwxI BirAw hoieAw sI[
151. Bishamber brought in a doctor.
151. ibSMbr iek fwktr nUM bulw ilAwieAw[
152. Mother! I am telling the truth.
152. mW mYN s~c kih irhw hW[
153. Phatik, I have sent for your mother.
153. Pitk, mYN qyrI mW nUM bulwvw ByijAw hY[
154. Bishamber tried to calm her.
154. ibSMbr ny aus nUM SWq krn dI koiSS kIqI[
155. His hands ceased beating up and down.
155. aus dy h~QW ny au~pr hyTW PVPVwauxw bMd kr id~qw[
156. Mother, the holidays have come.
156. mW! Cu~tIAW Aw geIAW hn[
168. The moon is called the satellite of the earth.
168. cMn nUM DrqI dw aupgRih ikhw jWdw hY[
169. The other planets have also got their satellites.
169. hor gRihAW dy vI Awpxy aupgRih hn[
170. This is called the solar system.
170. ies nUM sOr mMfl ikhw jWdw hY[
171. Solar means belonging to the sun.
171. sOr dw mqlb hY sUrj nwl sMbMD r~Kx vwlw[
172. Can you distinguish between a planet and a star?
172. kI qusIN gRih Aqy qwry ivc AMqr kr skdy ho?
173. Stars twinkle, planets do not.
173. qwry itmitmwauNdy hn, pr gRih nhIN[
174. The real stars are like our sun.
174. AslI qwry swfy sUrj vWg hn[
175. The earth took much less time to cool.
175. DrqI ny TMfw hox leI bhuq G~t smW ilAw[
176. So the earth started to cool.
176. ies qrW DrqI TMfI hoxI SurU ho geI[
177. It took a long time over it.
177. Aijhw krn ivc bhuq lMbw smW l~gw[
178. It is called the cold moon.
178. ies nUM TMfw cMdrmw ikhw jWdw hY
179. I’m going to walk where I liked.
179. mYN ij~Qy cwhUMdI hW, auQy c~lWgI[
180. We’ve got liberty now.
180. hux swnUM AwzwdI iml geI hY[
181. You may not think so.
181. Swied qusIN Aijhw nw soco[
182. It is an accommodation of interests.
182. ieh AwpsI ih~qW dw smJOqw hY[
183. Liberty is not a personal affair.
183. suqMqrqw isr& ie~kb injI mwmlw nhIN hY[
184. It is a social contract.
184. ieh ie~k smwijk smJOqw hY[
185. I was not reading it for pleasure.
185. mYN ies nUM mnorMjn leI nhIN pV irhw sI[
186. He was obviously a wellintentioned person.
186. auh AwdmI inrsMdyh idl dw cMgw sI[
187. He was not a clubbable man.
187. auh iek sMgq ivc bYTx Xog AwdmI nhI sI[
188. We must be a judicious mixture of both.
188. swnUM iehnW dw smJdwrI vwlw imSrx hoxw pvygw[
189. These things are personal.
189. ieh g~lW injI hn[
190. The great moments of heroism and sacrifice are rare.
190. bhwdrI Aqy bildwn dy mOky kdI kdI hI AwauNdy hn[