Monday, 4 November 2019

Recapitulation of Return to Air


Recapitulation of  Return to Air

1. He was called ‘sausage’ because he was very fat.
2. Because he had to take off his glasses before diving.
3. His friends and the instructor
4. Duck diving is diving like a duck into the water. The diver has to bring back the brick thrown into the water.
5. He was very afraid when he tried duck diving the first time.
6. Because he was without glasses.
7. The water changed colour as he went deeper. It changed from brown to blackish brown.
8. Yes, he was sure he would not come out alive.
9. He dug out an old tin box. No, he did know that because it was very dark inside.
10. He reached almost at the other bank of the pond.
11. He cleaned it. He put his coin collection in it.