Saturday, 2 November 2019

Recapitulation of One Thousand Dollars


                                 Recapitulation of  One Thousand Dollars


1. Lawyer Tolman gave $ 1000 to Robert Gillian. The money belonged to Robert’s uncle. It was written in his will.
2. Because it was a very small amount.
3. Bobby Gillian would have to give the spending details of $ 1000.
4. The butler, the housekeeper and Miss Hayden got ten dollars each.
5. Because Bryson didn’t like him. He suggested him to buy a home, to give milk to one hundred babies or to buy pendant for Miss Lotta Lauriere.
6. Gillian accepted to give a diamond pendant to Miss Lotta Lauriere. Then he went to meet her.
7. Miss Lotta Lauriere was an actress. She didn’t welcome Gillian’s coming. She was not happy with his offer. It was a cheap thing for her.
8. Gillian asked him how he would use one thousand dollar. He didn’t like his answer.
9. Gillian talked to a blind man. Gillian asked him how he would use one thousand dollar.
10. Gillian went to the office of lawyer Tolman at Broadway.
11. Because he wanted to help her. He asked for a piece of paper to write a note.
12. He wrote that he paid $1000 to the best and dearest woman on the earth.
13. He went to give the spending details of $1000.
14. He had written if Robert had spent $1000 wisely, he would get another$5000.
15. He told the lawyer that he had spent $1000 on horse races. He was not sorry for his actions.