Monday, 4 November 2019

Recapitulation of How Much Land Does a Man Need?


Recapitulation of  How Much Land Does a Man Need?

1. The two women discussed about the town life and village life. They were sisters.
2. She said rural life is free from worries.
3. He thought if he has enough land, he would not fear the devil also.
4. The Devil decided to give Pakhom enough land and have him in my power.
5. His neighbour bought fifty acres. Pakhom bought forty acres.
6. He sold his colt and some bees. He borrowed some money from his brother-in-law.
7. He was a peasant. He said there land is very good beyond Volga.
8. He told him that he could buy plenty of land at cheap price.
9. Bashkirs were landlords. Pakhom gave them gifts to make them friends.
10. Pakhom wanted to buy land from them.
11. It meant one could buy as much land as one could cover on foot in a day.
12. The condition was that Pakhom had to come back to starting point before sun
13. The moral of the story is ‘Greed is curse’.