Saturday, 2 November 2019

Recapitulation of Half a Rupee Worth


                                             Recapitulation of  Half a Rupee Worth

1. He managed to get rice from villages.
2. He loathed the rice bags when he worked under his father. He disliked the rice because he did not want to stay in the shop.
3. He knew all about rice.
4. Because of scarcity he sold the rice at high price. He did not follow the rules. He bribed the officer.
5. Subbiah also lent money at high interest.
6. A poor man came to him. At first, he told him that he had some other business. But in the end, he agreed to give rice
7. He agreed to sell him half seer of rice for half a rupee.
8. He didn’t want to show his secret godown. So he told that he had to bring rice from other man
9. He went to the secret godown.
10. The man waited for Subbiah for long time. He waited till morning.
11. The man went to Subbiah’s house. He was taken to the secret godown by Subbiah’s wife.
12. Rice bags fell on him. He died under them.