Saturday, 2 November 2019

Recapitulation of The Dying Detective


                                           Recapitulation of  The Dying Detective

1. She was the landlady. She went to bring Watson.
2. Holmes got the illness from Chinese sailors when he was working on a case.
3. Holmes was in serious condition. He had fever and red cheeks.
4. Holmes was very sick. He did not want Watson to get sick.
5. Watson was asked to stay in Holmes’ house till six o’clock.
6. There was a poisonous spring in the box. Watson thought that Holmes was really very sick.
7. Holmes asked Watson to put money in the pocket and place some other things on the table.
8. Culverton Smith was a planter. Holmes wanted to catch him.
9. Holmes asked Watson to say Smith that his condition was very serious.
10. Smith did not welcome Watson calling on him. His butler told Watson that he was not at home.
11. Because Holmes had asked him not to do so.
12. Smith asked him about the health of Holmes.
13. Smith did not go near Holmes to examine him. He could not know that Holmes was just acting.
14. Victor was Culverton Smith’nephew. Culverton Smith had killed Victor Smith.
15. Smith had killed his nephew. No, he did not mean that.
16. Holmes knew that Smith had killed Victor. So Smith wanted to kill him.
17. Holmes asked Smith to turn up the gas to send a signal to the inspector.
18. Inspector Morton arrested Smith. Culverton Smith had killed Victor Smith.
19. Because Holmes wanted to catch Smith. He did not eat anything for three days and also applied some makeup.
20. Yes, Holmes should have spoken so rudely to Watson. It was needed to solve the case.