Saturday, 2 November 2019

Recapitulation of Bed Number – 29


                                          Recapitulation of  Bed Number – 29


1. He was hit by a car and lost his eyesight.
2. He was a painter.
3. He met Naeem in the hospital. He was there for the treatment of his eyes.
4. The author regained his confidence when Naeem praised his paintings.
5. The author got upset. Naeem consoled him.
6. He got the money by selling his paintings. Naeem helped him. He bought his paintings.
7. Naeem had left the hospital then.
8. No, the author did not know that Naeem was also blind like him. Because Naeem described the scenes in detail.
9. Because he had spent all his money in buying the paintings of the author.
10. The author got upset. His eyes were filled with tears.
11. Naeem was a painter and he had painted four seasons.
Goddess of art refers to Naeem who helped the author. He went away in the end.