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Class 9 and 10 Worksheets


Give one word for:
a)                That which cannot be corrected. (Incorrigible)
b)               The peak point of a story or a plot. (Climax)

Correct the following sentences:
a)                These cattles are mine.
a) These cattle are mine.
b)               She is my cousin sister.
a) She is my cousin.

Opposite of the word ‘hide’ is
a)                Conceal
b)               Secret
c)                Reveal
d)               Under cover

Choose the correct preposition:
The boy played _______ the violin.
a)                On
b)               With
c)                In
d)               By

Use ‘dear’ and ‘deer’ in your own words.
1.                My dear friend.
2.                I saw deer in the jungle/forest.

monument’ means:
a)                Structure built as a memorial
b)               Place of shelter or safety
c)                Place for storing grains
Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition:
Ruskin was sent _________ study in Shimla.
a)                for
b)               in
c)                by
d)               to

Supply suitable determiners in the blank spaces below:
India is the great country. We are proud of the rich heritage. Delhi is a capital of India.

Join the following sentences using a suitable conjunction:
She is beautiful.
She is intelligent.
She is beautiful and intelligent.


                       WORKSHEET 2  
Change the voice:
I tried it
a)                I have tried it.
b)               It has been tried by me.
c)                It was tried by me.
d)               It is tried by me.

Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition And weeks passed

Of before I decided to wear it.
a)                To, to
b)               Of, to
c)                By, to
d)                To, by

Opposite of ‘in front of’
a)                Before
b)               Ahead of
c)                After
d)               behind
Rewrite the following sentences using the Present Perfect Tense of the verbs in brackets:
a)                I ______ (finish) my work.
a) I have finished my work.
b)               Do you know what _____ (happen) to his leg?
Do you know what has happened to his leg?

‘Pick up’ mean

a)                Throw away
b)                Down
c)                 Beneath
d)                Lift up

Pick out adjectives from the given phrase ‘a fat amiable fellow’:

a)                A
b)               Fat amiable
c)                Fellow
d)               None of the above.

Change the voice:

a)                I know his ways.
b)               They did not listen to me.

The correct meaning of ‘doze’ is
a)                A light sleep.
b)               Measured portion of medicine.
c)                Fall down
d)               Run away.

Fill in the blanks with suitable modals:

As he tried his best, he _____ easily win the game.
(can, could)


Give one word for:
a)                A list of things to be discussed at a meeting. Agenda
b)               State of growth between boyhood and youth. Teenage

Fill in the blanks with non-finites:

a)                He was the first to arrive. (arrive)
b)               The patient is too weak to walk. (walk)

Punctuate the sentences:
a)                he asked me why i was late
He asked me, why I was late?
b)               i like the poems of amrita pritam
I like the poems of Amrita Pritam.

Fill in the blanks with the past continuous forms of the verbs given in the brackets:
a)                A spider was crawling over my body. (crawl)
b)               Why were you running? (run)

Use the phrase ‘early bird’ in your own sentence.
Early birds of school always study.
Change the narration:
a)                Rohit said, ”I can catch the train.
Rohit said that he can catch the train.
b)               He said, “I will never forget you.”
He said that he would never forget you.

The opposite of ‘convict’ is
a)                Jailed
b)               Acquit
c)                Chained
d)               None of the above

Fill in the blanks with correct preposition:
The cat jumped ____ the tub.
a)                With
b)               For
c)                Into
d)               By

Combine the following sentences into a single sentence:
It is no use.
Don’t cry over the spilt milk.
It is no use to cry over the spilt milk.

                 Reading Passage 2
Sr. No.





II. Read the text:
My grandmother always went to school with me because the school was attached to the temple. The Priest taught us the alphabet and the Morning Prayer. While the children sat in rows on the either side of verandah singing the alphabet or the prayer in a chorus, my grandmother sat inside reading the scriptures. When we have both finished, we would walk back together. This time the village dogs would meet is at the temple door. They followed us to our home growling and fighting with each other for the chappatis we threw to them.
III. Find out the following parts of speech from the given text:
Nouns ___, ____, ____, ____, ____, ___, 
pronouns___, ___, ___, ____, ____, ___, 
verbs ___, ____, ____, ____, ____, ___, 

                                      WORKSHEET 4
Fill in the blanks with correct preposition:
One day we went long ____ the woods.
a)                In
b)               With
c)                For
d)               Into
Choose the correct voice:
Rohit is playing hockey.
a)                Hockey is played by Rohit.
b)               Hockey is being played by Rohit.
c)                Hockey had been played by Rohit.

Correct the following sentences:
a)                I know to play football.
b)               They tied me with a tree.

Give one word for:
a)                A disorderly crowd of people Mob
b)               A medicine that kills germs. Germicide

Antonym of ‘disappionted’ is
a)                Hopeless
b)               Desperate
c)                Satisfied
d)               Frustrated

Change the voice:
He was carrying grouse in the basket.

Use ‘break’ and ‘brake’ in your own sentences.
break the pot.
I apply brake to stop bike.

‘Fetch’ means:
a)                To take away
b)               To bring
c)                To deprive
d)               To delete

Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions:
I prefer _____ read ____ the library.
a)                With, by
b)               Of, out
c)                to, in
d)               For, by

                WORKSHEET 5
Fill in the correct conjunction:
I didn’t know ____ I was living in a dream.
a)                Or
b)               And
c)                As well as
d)               Whether

Synonym of ‘shout’ is _____
a)                Whisper
b)               Talk
c)                Scream
d)               Chat

The statue of the Happy Prince stood on a _______.
a)                Low column
b)               Tall column
c)                Fat column
d)               Short column

Punctuate the following sentences:
a)                Gitanjali was composed by Tagore.
b)               Do as I tell you, said the magician.

‘appreciated’ means_____
a)                Slapped
b)               Praised
c)                Scolded
d)               Rebuked

‘startled’ means ______.
a)                Afraid
b)               Happy
c)                Amazed
d)               Gazed

There is a vine _____ the house.
a)                On front of
b)               At front of
c)                In front of
d)               By front of

Bid him _____ there.
a)                To going
b)               To go
c)                Gone
d)               Go

He said, “I am unwell”.
He said that he _____ unwell.
a)                Were
b)               Was
c)                Has
d)               Had

               WORKSHEET 6
Choose the correct option:
I except that I shall get prize.
a)                Noun Clause: I expect
b)               Noun Clause: that I shall get a prize
c)                Adjective Clause: I shall get a prize

Change the voice:
Who did this?
a)                By whose was this done?
b)               By whom was this done?
c)                By who was this done?
d)               Who this was done?

One word substitution:
Place for keeping birds.
a)                Zoo
b)               Aviary
c)                Wet land
d)               Park

Use ‘waste’ and ‘waist’ in your own words.
Don’t waste papers.
She has slim waist.

Use ‘a cat and dog life’ in your own sentences:
The author is fond ____ painting.
a.                In
b.                of
c.                 At
d.                With
Identify the tense:
The boy is playing football.
a.                Simple present
b.                Simple past
c.                 Present continuous
d.                Past continuous

Choose the correct idiom for:
‘For a very intimate friend.’
a.                Blue blood
b.                Adam’s ale
c.                 A bosom friend
d.                A childhood friend

He could not attend the marriage, ____ he was ill.
b. that
c. because
d. or


                 WORKSHEERT 7
Fill in the blanks with the suitable words from the brackets:
a)                The child wanted me to tell a ____. (tale/tail)
b)               Please ____ here for some time, (wait/weight)

Fill in the blanks with suitable modals:
a)                _____ that I were rich. (would/should)
b)               I told him that he _____ leave. (can,could)

‘sermon’ means.
a.                Celebration
b.                Religious discourse
c.                 Debate
d.                Speech

“You may depend ___upon___ it,” said the young man.
(choose the correct preposition)
a.                The
b.                Upon
c.                 It
d.                May

Choose the correct voice:
Phatik must speak the truth.
a.                The truth may be spoken by the Phatik.
b.                The truth is spoken by phatik.
c.                 The truth must be spoken by Phatik.

Give antonyms of the following words:
a)                Hard : Soft
b)               Import : export
c)                Sharp ; blunt
d)               Fat ; Thin

Identify the tense:
She was playing with a ball.
a.                Present Prefect Tense.
b.                Past Prefect Tense.
c.                 Future Prefect Tense.
d.                Past continuous Tense.

Identify the subordinate clause and name it:
She met a girl who had brown hair.
a)                Noun clause: who had brown hair.
b)               Adjective clause: who had brown hair.
That which ends in death
a.                Glutton
b.                Edible
c.                 Immortal
d.                Fatal

                 WORKSHEET 8
mob’ means:
a.                A ruly crowd
b.                An unruly crowd
c.                 A gathering
d.                A meetring

Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition:
Della paid twenty dollars ____ platinum watch chain.
a.                For                  b. With  c.On
b.                By

Change the voice:
a)                I should not be disturbed.
b)               Post this letter.

Opposite of ‘destruction’ is
a)                Construction
b)               Resumption
c)                Assumption
d)               Ruin

Choose the correct model:
I ______ swim across the river.
a)                May
b)               Have to
c)                Can
d)               Ought to

Supply suitable determiners in the blank spaces below:
I have a few friend who looks as stupid as an owl.

I shall have been loving him. (Future Perfect Continuous)
a)                Has been
b)               Have been
c)                Had been
d)               Have

Choose the correct preposition.
I want to go ___ Egypt.
a)                to
b)               too
c)                in
d)               for

Complete the sentence with correct adverb clause:
Make hay ___.
a)                When the sun shines.
b)               while the sun shines.

                                                WORKSHEET 9
Choose the correct option:
‘A person of unknown capabilities’ is called
a)                Light horse
b)               Black horse
c)                Dark horse
d)               White horse

Fill in the blanks with suitable words given in brackets:
a)                She never lost her _____.
b)               He is opening the garden ____.

Punctuate the following sentences:
a)                the teacher said students don’t make a noise
b)               she is a phd student.

Conquer’ means:
a)                surrender
b)               vanquish
c)                defeat
d)               submit

Opposite of ‘gloomy’ is
a)                melancholic
b)               sad
c)                bright
d)               sullen

Use the idiom ‘in the air’ in your own sentence.
Talk of Rohan is in the air.

Identify the tense:
He had been swimming.
a.                Present Perfect continuous Tense.
b.                Past Perfect continuous tense.
c.                 Future Perfect continuous tense.

The correct Idiom for ‘at a very great speed’ is
a.                By virtue of
b.                 at length
c.                 By leaps and bounds
d.                Clear the deck.

Fill in the blanks:
My friend had been suffering from cholera _____ Monday.
a.                Since
b.                For
c.                 As
d.                If


Choose the correct voice:
The mouse was killed by the cat.
a.                The cat kills the mouse.
b.                The cat killed the mouse.
c.                 The mouse killed the cat.

Choose the correct determiners:
He went to bazaar and bought ____
Honey from _____ shop.
a.                Any, his
b.                Some, a
c.                 Some, his

Choose the correct option:
a.                You ______ complete your homework now. (should/ must)
b.                I am sure it ______ be cured. (can/ may)

Change the voice:
a.                Who told a lie?
b.                Never waste your time.

Choose the opposite of the underline word:
The bacteriologist shouted hoarsely in the hall.
a.                Harshly
b.                Smoothly
c.                 Hurriedly

That which is against law:
a.                Invincible
b.                Illegible
c.                 Incurable
d.                Illegal

Fill in the blank with suitable helping verb:
He said to the bacteriologist that he ______ drunk the poison.
a.                had
b.                have
c.                 is

Fill in the blank with suitable preposition:
Chhatrapati Shivaji bowed his head _______ a woman.
a.                On
b.                At
c.                 After
Fill in the blank with suitable modals:
I am late. I _______ go now.
a.                May
b.                Might
c.                 Must
d.                Can

                                       WORKSHEET 11
Choose the correct voice:
Roses are sweet.
a.                Sweet are roses.
b.                Roses were sweet
c.                 Roses are sweet when smelt.
d.                Roses were sweet when smelt.

My dress is costlier than _____
a.                Your
b.                You
c.                 I
d.                Yourself.

Name the underlined subordinate clause.
Sushil Chandra did not go to school
Because his stomach was aching.
a.                Noun clause.
b.                Adjective clause.
c.                 Adverb clause.

Give synonyms of the following words:
a.                Construct
b.                Hard
c.                 Please

Give one word for:
a.                A word opposite in meaning : Antonym
b.                A word the meaning of which is not clear. Vague

peasant’ means:
a.                Slave
b.                Farmer
c.                 Land lord
d.                Businessman

Choose the correct preposition:
Makhan rushed _____ attack Phatik.
a.                on
b.                at
c.                 to
d.                for

Complete the indirect speech:
He _____ me what I ____ doing.
a.                Asked, am
b.                Asked, are
c.                 Asked, is
d.                Asked, was

Complete with noun clause:
I expect _____
a.                That Simran shall get a prize.
b.                Simran shall get a prize.
c.                 If Simran get a prize.
d.                If Simran gets a prize.

                WORKSHEET 12
The Idiom for ‘a narrow escape’ is
a.                A clean blade
b.                A close shave
c.                 Call it a day
d.                All of a sudden

A hand-written paper is called
a.                A manuscript
b.                A granary
c.                 A concept
d.                An agenda

Identify the Tense:
He will have been speaking.
a.                Present Perfect Continuous Tense
b.                Past Perfect Continuous Tense
c.                 Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Fill in the blanks with suitable conjunctions:
I was Pained to hear about your problem, _____ you should not worry _____.
I am always there to help you. ____ my means are limited, I will try to help you ____ much _____ I can.

Correct the following sentences:
a.                My son does not listen what I say.
b.                Come and see me at Sunday

‘An astronomer’ means:
a.                A scientist who studies astronomy.
b.                A scientist who studies spaceship.

Opposite of float is
a.                Sink
b.                Fly
c.                 Swim
d.                Dive

Change the voice:
It took a long time.
a.                A long time is taken by it.
b.                A long time was taken.
c.                 A long time was taken by it.
d.                It is taking a long time.

Give another word for ‘convict
a.                Innocent
b.                Conviction
c.                 Guilty
d.                None


Choose the correct Past continuous Tense:
a.                Simran was speaking.
b.                Suresh have been speaking.
c.                 Surjit had been speaking.

The correct meaning of the Idiom ‘to come to the light’ is
a.                To happen
b.                To prove superior
c.                 To make everything ready.
d.                To make public.

fortnight’ is:
a.                a period of seven days.
b.                A period of two weeks.
c.                 A period of four weeks.
d.                None.

Fill the correct article:-
______ cow is ______ useful animals.
a)                The, a
b)               A, the

Who was Mr. Kagawa?
a)                A preacher
b)               A social worker
c)                Both a and b
d)               A sage.

What is the meaning of ‘amazed’?
a)                Imagined
b)               Surprised
c)                Puzzled
d)               Afraid
Change the voice:
He never lost his calm.
a.                His calm were never lost by him.’
b.                His calm was never lost by him.
c.                 His clam had been never lost by him.

Who was the husband of Helen?
a)                Paris
b)               Menelaus
c)                Achilles
d)               Priam

Rewrite the following sentences using the Past Indefinite Tense of the verbs:
a)                He rides a bicycle
b)               We play cricket.
c)                She read a story.

                                      WORKSHEET 14
Punctuate the following sentences:
ramesh the director of the company has gone to delhi
Ramesh, the director of the company has gone to Delhi.

Use the Idiom ‘in a nutshell’ in a sentences of your own.
Tell me everything in a nutshell.

Correct the following sentences:
a.                A snake cut her.
b.                The teacher gave a speech.

‘stout’ means:
a.                Tall
b.                Short
c.                 Thin
d.                Fat

Fill in the blank:
He ____ writing a letter. (Future Continuous Tense)
a.                Was
b.                Am
c.                 Will
d.                Will be

Change the voice:
He was made a minister.
a.                They made him a minister.
b.                They make him a minister.
c.                 A minister was made by him.
d.                He made a minister.

 Change the narration:
The boy said, “Hurrah! We have win the match.”

Choose the correct Idiom for ‘to die a slow death’.
a.                To end in smoke
b.                Tooth and nail
c.                 Die by inches
d.                Every now and then

Name the underlined clause:
Will you wait till I return?
a.                Noun Clause
b.                Adjective clause
c.                 Adverb clause
d.                None

      WORKSHEET 15
Helen was the most beautiful woman ____ the world.
a.                In
b.                At
c.                 Of
d.                On

Choose the correct spelling:
a.                Recieve
b.                Receive
c.                 Reiceve

Correct the following sentences:
a.                He is honourable man.
b.                Next morning I had a ideas.

Choose the correct option:
I.                              ______ you have tea?
a.                Will
b.                Shall
c.                 May
d.                Might

Use the words ‘diary’ and ‘dairy’ in your own sentences.
I write everyday in my diary.
I bring milk from dairy.

A glutton is the one who
a.                Sleeps too much
b.                Eats too much
c.                 Talks too much
d.                Weeps too much

Change the voice:
a)                Quinine tastes bitter.
b)               Pray to God daily.
c)                Sit down, please.

Identify and name the subordinate clause:
I fear that I shall fail.
a.                Adjective clause:
That I shall fail.
b.                Noun clause:
That I shall fail.
c.                 Adverb clause:
That I shall fail.

Change the narration:-
“I am sorry”, I said.
a.                I told that I am sorry.
b.                I said that I was sorry.

c.                 I told that I was sorry.