Saturday, 5 October 2019




Comprehension Activities
I. Answer each question briefly.
1. Has anyone seen the wind?
Ans. No, none has been the wind.
2.     How do we know the wind is passing by?
Ans. When the trees bow down their heads and leaves hang trembling, the wind is passing by.
3.     Which lines tell you what the wind brings from the west and from the north?
Ans. The two last lines of the poem tells us that wind brings rain from the west and snow from the north. These lines are,
“Bring rain out of the west,
From the dim north bringing snow.”

Choose words from the poem and complete the following sentences:
1. Neither you nor I have seen the wind
2. The wind brings snow from the south.
3. The wind brings rain out of the west.
4. The wind is always wandering and whistling
5. Trees bow down their heads when the wind is passing.

Vocabulary Activities
Find the rhyming words in the poem. Give two more words for each pair.
1. you      through      who        too
2. ______ _______ ______ ______
3. ______ _______ ______ ______
4. ______ _______ ______ ______
2. Rest        west      nest         test
3. down     town      drown     frown
4. fear        tear        bear        near  

Grammar Activities
Present and Past
Present Simple                                                  V1 or V1+s/es
Past Simple                                                         V2
In Present Simple tense we use V with plural subjects (I, we, you, they etc) and V1 + s/es with singular subjects (He, she, it etc).
For example-
They go to school.
She reads a poem.

I. Transform the following sentences into Past Simple:
1. She tells lies.
She told lies
2. You drive very fast.
You drove very fast.
3. Birds fly to their nests.
 Birds flew to their nests.
4. The peon rings the bell.
 The poem rang the bell
5. The boys make a noise.
 The boys made a noise.

II. Transform the following sentences into present simple:
1. Anu came late daily.
Anu comes late daily.
2. They quarrelled with each other.
 The quarrel with each other
3.I borrowed a book from my friend.
I borrow a book from my friend.
4.     He always helped me.
He always helps me.
5.     We bought new pens.
We buy new pens.

Composition Activities
Write a brief paragraph on ‘A Rainy Day’.
Ans.    A rainy Day
Yesterday I was returning from the school. When I was about 1 km away from my house, it started raining. I had no umbrella. I stood under a shed in front of shop. Half an hour passed. Rain became heavier. Street was full of water now. I could not stand like this forever. So I decided to go in rain. I drenched completely. Some children were playing with paper boats. I also joined them. I forget everything. Suddenly I saw my mother coming with an umbrella. She scolded me. But I was happy. I can’t forget that day.