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Comprehension Activities
I. Choose the correct option to answer the following questions:
1. Why was Mini afraid of the Kabuliwallah?
(a) Kabuliwallah looked very horrible.
(b) She had heard that Kabuliwallah caught the children.
2. What was the Kabuliwallah’s name?
(a) Rehman
(b) Armaan
3. Why was the Kabuliwallah arrested?
(a) He had stolen money from Mini’s house.
(b) He had stabbed a man.
4. What did Mini’s father give to the Kabuliwallah?
(a) Some clothes and food
(b) Some money
5. Mini’s father could not afford the military band on her marriage. Why?
(a) Because he had given some money to the Kabuliwallah.
(b) Because he had suffered a huge loss in his business.

II. Put a tick () or a cross () against each sentence:
1. Little Mini was three years old.                                              False
2. Rehman was a big bearded Pathan.                                         true
3. The Kabuliwallah was hanged to death.                                 false
4. Mini could not forget the Kabuliwallah.                                  false
5. Mini’s father helped Rehman with some money.                 true

III. Complete the following sentences:
1. Mini could not live without chatting all the time
2. The Kabuliwallah and Mini would sit and chat foe hours cracking jokes with each other
3. There was a terrible noise in the street
4. Mini had grown into a very pretty woman.
5. Mini’s father had to cut down the expenses on the wedding

Vocabulary Activities
Besides’ means ‘in addition to’.
‘Beside’ means ‘by the side of’.
1. What other sport do you play besides hockey?
2. She sat beside her sick son all night.
Between’ is used for two people or things
Among’ is used for more than two people or things.
1. There is no love between the two brothers.
2. Distribute sweets among all the children.

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions given in the box:

Beside                  besides                               between                            among


1. The two brothers quarrelled between themselves.
2. Mini came and sat besides the Kabuliwallah.
3. The four thieves shared the money among themselves.
4. I have three other pens besides this.
5. Besides advising them, he gave them money also.
6. A beggar was sitting besides the temple gate.

Grammar Activities
Linkers are the words that join two words, phrases or sentences.
For e.g. and, yet, so, nor, but, for, as, or.
Linkers are also called conjunctions.

I. Fill in the blanks with but/and/so:
1. I can read and write English.
2. Nisha can swim but Rani can’t.
3. Tom and Lucy came to my house.
4. He didn’t work hard so he failed.
5. I have a bat but I don’t have a ball.
6. It was a holiday so we did not go to school.

Composition Activities
I.                   Write a few lines about little Mini.
Mini was a little girl. She was five year old. She was very talkative. Her mother was worried about her non-stop talking. She was afraid of kabuliwallahs. But once she lost her fear, she started liking him. They developed a very good friendship. She talked with him for hours.

II.                 What impression do you form of the Kabuliwallah from the story?
Ans. The name of the kabuliwallah was Rehman. He had a terrible look with big beard. He sold dry fruit in Mini’s town. In the starting, Mini was afraid to him. But once she lost her fear she started liking him. He had daughter like Mini. He loved her very much. He talked with Mini for hours. But one day, he stabbed a man. He was sent to prison. He loved Mini as much as he loved his own daughter.