Saturday, 5 October 2019




Comprehension Activities
I. Complete the following sentences to make them true:
1. God gifted the dog with                 faithfulness
2. He gave cunningness to                  the fox
3. The bee asked for                             a weapon to kill
4. God decided to grant the bee        what it desired
5. As a gift from God, the bee got a    a tiny sting

I.             Pick out the words from the story which mean:
1. not ordinary                 special
2. that can be trusted      faithful
3. a strong wish               desire
4. very happy                    delighted
5. a large lump                 hump
6. to trust                           believe

III. Who do you think would have said these words?
1. ‘Thank you God for my grace.’                            swan
2. ‘Thank you God for my bushy tail.’              squirrel
3. ‘Thank you God for my sharp eyes.’                   owl
4. ‘Thank you God for my legs that run so fast.     deer

Vocabulary Activities
I. Complete each sentence with one of the given words and its opposite:

cruel                                      love                                       old                                          true                                      wise      

1. Your story is not true; it is false.
2. We should not be cruel to the animals; we should be kind to them.
3. You should love all and hate none.
4. A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.
5. The old man lost his young son in an accident.

II. All mothers love their babies. Find from the box a baby for each animal.

kid                                          lamb                                      kitten                                    cub
piglet                                     puppy                                   chicken                                duckling

1. A cat loves its       kitten
2. A pig loves its       piglet  
3. A dog loves its      puppy
4. A hen loves its      chicken  
5. A goat loves its     kid  
6. A tiger loves its    cub
7. A duck loves its       duckling
8. A sheep loves its     lamb

Grammar Activities
The Preposition is a word or group of words often placed before a Noun or Pronoun to indicate place, direction, source, method etc.
In the room; towards the city; into the wall; by all means; beside me; to the market; between us etc.

I. Fill in the blanks with suitable depositions:

By    on     to   for    at     before          after            between

1. ‘B’ comes between A and C.
2. We go to school by bus.
3. Tuesday comes after Monday.
4. Put your books on the table.
5. November comes before December.
6. Come at 9:30 on Friday.
7. Wait for me at the bus stop.
8. We don’t go to school on Sundays.

II. Can you tell what this preposition is? The same can go on all these sentences:
1. Is that your book on the table?
2. Write it on a piece of paper.
3. It is the shop on the left.
4. I saw some boys on bicycles.
5. The light’s on Can you turn it off?
6. I heard the news on the radio.

III. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:
1. He is going up the stairs.
She is coming down the stairs.
2. We go to school at 9:30.
We come back from school at 2:30.
3. He is sitting in the room.
She went out of the room.
4. Your book is lying under the table.
The cat jumped over the wall.

Composition Activities
I.                   Complete the story as you like: There was a man. He had a dog. One day………………………………………………………..
Ans.  A clever Dog
Once there was a man. He had a dog. One night some thieves came to his house. The dog barked. But the man did not get up. The thieves took some expensive items and ran from the house. The dog followed the thieves. The thieves buried the items under a tree. The dog saw it all. Next day, when the man found that he was robbed, he became upset. Just then the dog pulled his clothes and the man followed him to the spot where the items were buried. He found his money. In this way, the dog made the man happy.

II.                 Write a brief paragraph on ‘A Visit to a Zoo’.
Ans.   A visit to a zoo
Last Sunday, I went to see the zoo in Delhi. I bought a tickets. Then I saw a big Zoo. There were many birds and animals. First of all, I saw a lion in the cage. Then I saw a deer. I saw monkeys on the trees. Some monkeys were eating apples. I saw an elephant also. There were ducks swimming in the pond. There were many colourful birds. They were in cages. Then I sat in the  garden. I took my lunch and came back to home.