Thursday, 3 October 2019




(Very Short Q/A)

1. Who was Mrs. Hudson?

Ans:- The landlady of Sherlock Holmes.

2. Where did Holmes get the illness from?
Ans:- Some Chinese sailors

3. Who was Victor Smith?
Ans:- Nephew of Culverton Smith.

4. Who murdered Victor Smith?
Ans:- Culverton Smith

5. Holmes asked smith to turn up the ………………
Ans:- gas

6. Who was the Dying detective in the story ‘The Dying Detective’?
Ans:- Sherlock Holmes

7. Who came to Sherlock Holmes?
Ans:- Watson

8. Who arrested Culverton Smith?
Ans:- Inspector Morton

(20-30 words)

1. Who was Mrs. Hudson? Why did she go to Watson’s house?

Ans:- Mrs. Hudson was Sherlock Holmes’ landlady. She went to Watson’s house to call him to save his ill friend.

2. What was Holmes’ condition when Watson saw him?

Ans:- Holmes’ eyes had the brightness of fever. There was a red flush on his cheeks.

3. Why did Watson not come back with Smith?

Ans:- Holmes had asked him to do so. He said that he had to go somewhere else.

4. Who was Victor Smith? What happened to him and how?

Ans:- Victor smith was Culverton Smith’s nephew. He had been murdered by his uncle by the use of a poisonous spring.