Saturday, 5 October 2019


                                     THE CLOCK

Comprehension Activities
I. Complete the following sentences to make them true:
1. The clock is in the school room.
2. It has two little hands.
3. With its hands, it points to the time.
4. Like the clock our hands should be ready for doing what is right.

II. Give the rhyming words of the poem.
Vocabulary Activities
Some words have similar sounds but different meanings:

Right                      write

dear                       deer

two                        too

Choose the correct word for each sentence:
1. We (see/sea) with our eyes.
The (see/sea) was very deep.
2. Don’t (waste/waist) your time.
She has a thin (waste/waist).
3. Glass (brakes/ breaks) easily.
My bike has no (brakes/breaks).
4. A (week/weak) has seven days.
The old man was very (week/weak).
5. I don’t eat (meet/meat).
Please (meet/meat) me at the station.

Grammar Activities
An Adverb usually qualifies a verb. It tells us when, where or how the action of a verb takes place, as-
1. She came here yesterday. (when?)
2. Look! It is raining outside. (where?)
3. The boy was shouting loudly. (how?)

Choose a suitable adverb for each blank:

1. He talked to me                                        angrily
2. The sun was shining                                brightly
3. The train was running                             fastly
4. Put this coat outside in the sun.
5. The old man was walking                      slowly

Composition Activities
Suppose you are Manav Singh. You live at 15 model Town, Ludhiana. Your uncle sent you a beautiful watch on your birthday. Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the birthday present.
Ans. 130, Model Town
15 April, 20…..
My dear uncle,
Last Monday was my birthday. I got many presents. But I liked the your present the most. My friends also liked it. It will be very useful for me. It will make me punctual. I will keep this watch with great care. I thank you for this lovely gift. Please pay my regards to aunt.
Your lovingly