Saturday, 5 October 2019



                                      THE BLIND BEGGAR

Comprehension Activities
I. Complete these sentences:
1. Every morning the beggar sits beside the temple gate
2. Sitting near the temple gate he clanks his begging bowl
3. He can’t see the city domes and blue sky because he is blind.
4. His voice is hoarse and loud
5. The beggar is also loved by God.

II. Find all the rhyming pairs of words in this poem:
1. late gate
2. ____ ____
3. ____ ____
4. ____ ____
5. ____ ____
Ans.2. Live           give
 3. cry                 why  
4. behind            blind
5. see                 me

Vocabulary Activities
Find from the poem the opposites of the following words:
1. early                       late
2. sit                           stand
3. never                     always
4. everywhere          nowhere
5. untidy                    tidy
6. hates                      loves

Grammar Activities
I. Write the past form of these words:
1. go                           went
2. stand                      stood
3. clank                      clanked
4. keep                       kept
5. love                        loved
6. move                     moved
7. beg                         begged
8. feel                         felt

II. Fill in the blanks with the past form of words from the box:
    brush                      enjoy                          reach                          sit                   have
1. The beggar always sat near the temple gate.
2. I had no friends.
3. We enjoyed the party last night.
4. I brushed my teeth two times yesterday.
5. Last night they reached home very late.

Composition Activities
Write a brief paragraph on ‘An Indian Beggar’.
Ans. An Indian Beggar
Beggars are a very common sight in India. They can be seen in the bazaars, on the roadside, in the markets places, outside the cinema halls, at railway stations and at the bus stops. The number of beggars is always on the increase. Some take to begging because they are very poor. Some are unemployed. Some beggars are professional beggars. They find begging a very easy way to getting money. Some beggars are handicapped and physically deformed. The Indian beggar is an object of pity. Begging is also a blot on the name of India. Begging should be banned by law.