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                           THE BANGLE-SELLER

Comprehension Activities
I. Answer these questions briefly:
     1. Who is Ram Lal?
      Ans. Ram lal is a bangle seller.
1.     What is the first Iine of Ram Lal’s song?
Ans. The first line of the Ram lal’s song is: “Bangles, Bangles, come and buy these bangles.”
2.      How many bangles did Mrs. Varma buy from Ram Lal?
Ans. Mrs. Varma bought two pairs of green bangles and four pairs of red bangles from Ram lal. 4. What did Reeta give to Ram Lal’s daughter?
Ans. Reeta gave some ripe bannans to .ram lal’s daughter, Sheela
5.     Where were Reeta’s old bangles?
Ans. Reeta gave old bangles to her friend, Sita.

II. Work in pairs and decide who says these words and to whom in the story:
1.     ‘I gave them to my friend, Sita.’
Ans. Reeta says these words to her mother.
2.     ‘Don’t break these too’.
Ans. Mrs. Varma says these words to her daughter, Reeta 
3.     ‘Is that your daughter?’
Ans. Reeta says these words to Bangle-seller, Ram Lal.
4.     ‘All right, Go in and bring some.’
Ans. Mrs. Varma says these words to her daughter, Reeta.
5.     ‘Father will put them on your arms’.
Ans. Sheela says these words to Reeta.

III. Fill in the blanks with the correct option:
1. ................... was Mrs. Varma’s             
 (a) Sheela                  (b) Sita                              (c) Reeta
2. Reeta had given her old bangles to...........
(a) her friend            (b) her mother                 (c) her sister
3. Mrs. Varma bought two pairs of ..................... bangles for Reeta.
(a) red                       (b) blue                               (c) green
4. Reeta gave some ................... to Sheela to eat.
(a) grapes                  (b) apples                          (c) bananas
5. Mrs. Varma wanted to buy only .................. pairs of red bangles.
(a) five                        (b) eight                            (c) four

Vocabulary Activities
I. Which of these qualities do you think are desirable? Which of these are undesirable? Put them in separate groups:

Desirable Qualities
Undesirable Qualities

II. Some words end in –ly; as — softly, gently, slowly, regularly, etc.
They show how we do an action.

A. Complete these sentences with words from the box.
1. You should work                      (honestly)                  
2. Our soldiers fought                  (bravely)                     

correctly       honestly


3. Boys were shouting                  (loudly)         
4. The birds were singing            (happily)                
5. He answered the questions   ( correctly)

(slow )

B. Use the correct form of the words given.
1. The old man walked   (slowly)                               
2. He spoke very   (gently)                                          
3. Please sit   (quietly)   in the class.                                
4. Listen to me       (carefully)                                              
5. Without teeth we can’t speak    (properly)                             

Grammar Activities
• We use some in positive sentences.
• We use any in negative and interrogative sentences.
I have some money.
I don’t have any money.
Do you have any money?

I. Put in some or any:
1. You made (some) mistake.
You didn’t make (any) mistake.
Did you make (any) mistake?
2. She has (some) problem.
She doesn’t have (any) problem.
Does she have (any) problem?
3. He wants (some) help from us.
He doesn’t want   (any) help from us.
Does he want (any) help from us?
4. There are (some) flowers in the garden.
There aren’t (any) flowers in the garden.
Are there   (any) flowers in the garden?

II. Choose the right word for each blank:
1. I want __________________ to eat please.
(a)  anything                  (b) something                            (c) somebody
2. Can you see __________________ in the room?
(a) someone                 (b) anyone                                  (c) no one
3. There isn’t __________________ in the cupboard.
(a) something              (b) anything                                 (c) nothing
4. Have you got __________________ brother?
(a) any                           (b) anyone                                  (c) nobody

III. Fill in the blanks with some or any:
1. I wanted some oranges but the fruit seller hadn’t any.
2. There are some notebooks in this bag, but there isn’t any book.
3. There isn’t any tiger in the forest, but there are some elephants.
4. The shopkeeper showed me some pencils, but he didn’t show me any pen.

Composition Activities
I.                   Write a brief paragraph about Ram Lal, the bangle-seller.
Ans.  Ram Lal is a bangle-seller. He has a daughter named Sheela. He is a perfect salesman.
He knows how to attract women and girls. A number of little girls come from the nearby houses and flock round him.  He is a simple man. He always sits on the floor to display bangles. He has bangles of blue and green colours. Women and girls likes those bangles.

II.                 Which is the biggest market in your town? Describe it in a few sentences.
Ans. Mai Hiran Gate is very famous market in our town. It is very long. Especially, it is famous for books. Students from different cities of Punjab come here for purchasing books. There are many other shops also. There are shops of clothes, footwears, jewellery etyc. Everything of daily use is available here. There are many fruit shops also. There is a lot of hustle and bustle. It remains open on Sundays also.