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Saint Ravidas

                                                    Saint Ravidas

Textual Comprehension

Answer the following questions:
1.When do saints and sages appear on the earth?
Ans. Saints and sages appear on the earth whenever the moral or social life of people shows signs of decay.

2.. How did Ravidas influence the Hindu society?
Ans. Saint Ravidas influence the Hindu society by infusing new life and vitality into it.

3. When and where was Ravidas born?
Ans. Saint Ravidas was born in 1377 at Banaras, the holy city of the hindus.

4. What desire of his parents remained unfulfilled?
Ans. The desire of the Saints Ravidas to send him to school and give him education remained unfulfilled.

5.. Why could Ravidas not continue with his studies?
Ans. Saint Ravidas could not continue with his studies because a child born in a low-caste family could not find friendly atmosphere in a school.

6. What was it that left a deep scar on his mind?
Ans. Saint Ravidas very short and unhappy stay at school left a deep and lasting scar on his mind. It was a very painful and unpleasant experience for him.

7. What did Ravidas’s teacher notice about him?
Ans. His teacher noticed that Ravidas was naot an ordinary child. He was destined for some higher purpose of life.

8.. Who was Ravidas in search of and why?
Ans. Ravidas was in search of some spiritual teacher who could show him the right path.

1.      What did Swami Ramanand do for Ravidas?
Ans. Swami Ramanand took him as his disciple and made him understand the true meaning of life.

10. When did Swami Ramanand ask Ravidas to go back home?
Ans. Swami Ramanand asked Ravidas to go back home when he was satisfied that the spiritual flame had been kindled permanently in him.

11. What place did Saint Ravidas choose for his meditation?
Ans. Saint Ravidas choose an area of forest to meditate in peace.

1.      How did Saint Ravidas save the deer family from the hunter?
Ans. Saint Ravidas chose an area of forest to medicate in peace.

2.      What change came in the hunter after his contact with Saint Ravidas?
Ans. Saint Ravidas saved the deer family from the hunter by making him realize that all forms of life are sacred.

3.      What were the main points of Saint Ravidas’s teachings?
Ans. After his contact with Saint Ravidas, the hunter was changed into a virtuous man.

4.      How did Saint Ravidas pass the last days of his life?
Ans. The main points of Saint Ravidas’s teachings were- (i) weaker section of the society must not bow down to the wishes of high caste people,
(ii) everyone is equal in the eyes of God,
(iii) untouchability is a sin against humanity.

Vocabulary Enrichment

The sufflxes -er, -or, -ian and -ist mean ‘the person who’; as––

cobbler’ means the person who cobbles (mends shoes).

historian’ means the person who studies history.

I. Complete these words using the right suffixes:
(You may have to add a vowel or a consonant to complete the spellings.)

1. act           actor                                                                   11. Scient                                 Scientist

2. pot           potter                                                                  12. Music         Musician

3. run           runner                                                                 13. Sculpt                     Sculptor

4. pian         painist                                                                 14. Operat                    Operator

5. vend        vendor                                                                 15. physic (doctor)      Physician

6. optic        optician                                                               16. Report                  Reporter

7. paint         painter                                                               17. Drama                  Dramatist

8. chem        chemist                                                               18. Electric                 Electrician

9. drum        drummer                                                           19. Industrial               Industrialist

10. librar      librarian                                                             20. Philosoph             Philosopher

II. There are sixteen parts of the human body hidden in this square. Can you find them all?

E                  I           b             h             e            a              d             e             n             o            x
O                y           f              o             o             t             c              d             a              t              s
T                o           e            o             u            b             I               f             I              s              t
A             e            z              o             m           t             f              i              l               o             o
N             c             a              u            s              c             h             n            p              e            m
k              e             h            i               e             t              h             g              a             I              a
l               t              r              I               o            a              e            e            l              o            c
e             w           a              o             n             r             e            r             m            e            h
u             l              t              o            e            m            l               n             o            s              e
a              i              b             a             c              k             h            I              p            i              e
e             p            a             I               k             n            e             e            t             e             k

1.      Toe            ankle

2.      Lip            head

3.      Foot          back

4.      Knee         hip

5.      Heel           finger

6.      Neck         palm

7.      Nose          stomach

8.      Arm          fist

Grammar in Use
I. Choose the right word to fill in the blanks:

• between –– used for two people.

• among –– used for more than two.

1. The property was divided between the two brothers.

2. The four girls shared the chocolates among themselves.

3. This is a secret between you and me.

• it’s –– the short form of ‘it is’.

• its –– shows possession.

1. I believe it’s going to rain.

2. The elephant drinks with its trunk.

3. My cat does not let anyone come near its kittens.

• farther –– at or to a greater distance.

• further –– more, in addition.

1. I can swim father than you.

2. Have you any further information ?

3. I could not run father than that.

• this kind and that kind ––go together because ‘kind’ is singular.

• these kind and those kinds –– go together because ‘kinds’ is singular.

1. I eat only this kinds of chocolate.

2. Those kinds of animals are found in Africa.

3. I collect only those kinds of stamps.

• amount –– used for uncountables.

• number –– used for countables.

1. We bought a large amount of food.

2. The number of accidents has increased.

3. A large number of birds settled in the tree.

• beside –– at the side of.

• besides –– in addition to.

1. She came and sat beside me.

2.. Beside tea, we had some biscuits.

3. The bus stopped beside the post office.

II. Rewrite the following in the Past tense:
His parents decide to send him to a school. His stay at school is short and unhappy. It proves painful and unpleasant. It leaves an unpleasant impression on his mind. He realises that a child of low caste is not treated well. He cannot put his heart into his studies. He stops going to school.
Soon he finds himself at the feet of a spiritual guru.

Pronunciation Practice
Read each sentence. Underline each word with a long ‘a’ sound. Then write the words on the lines below the sentence:

1. Blake was late for the final game.
Ans. Blake                  late                  game  

2. I pray she may never fail in her life.
Ans. Pray                   may                 fail

3. They arrived late and paid at the gate.
Ans. Late        paid                 gate
4. She says she lost her chain on the train.
Ans. Says                    chain               train

5. The prince ate from a plate made of gold.
Ans. Ate                      plate                made

6.. They say an egg a day keeps the doctor away.
Ans. Say               day                  away

Composition Writing
I. Suppose you have a holy man living in your town or village. Write what you know about his life and daily activities.

Ans. A holy man lives outside our town. He lives in a hut under the green trees. The place is far from the making crowds. He wears a loose garment of saffron colour. He spends his time in the worship of God. The people of the locality give him food. They visit him to seek his blessing. He is truly a man of God.

II. Imagine this is a picture of your granny. She lives with you in the same house. She remained cheerful and is very fond of growing plants. She spends most of her time praying to God. Write a brief description of her telling how she looks and what she does all day.

Ans. Shrimati Vidyawati is my granny. She is sixty-five year old. Her face is plain and simple. She always wears a white dress. She wear spectacles and looks graceful. Her lpis are always moving in prayer. She holds a rosary of beads in her hand. She is very fond of growing plants. She feeds birds and animals. She tells us interesting stories at night. We all love her.

Q.1. When do saints and sages appear on the earth?
Ans: Some saint or sage appears on the earth whenever the moral or social life of people shows signs of decay.

Q.2. Why could Ravidas ji not continue with his studies?
Ans: Ravidas could not continue with his studies because he found an unfriendly atmosphere at school.

Q.3. What did Ravidas ji's teacher notice about him?
Ans: Ravidas ji's teacher noticed that he was not an ordinary child .He was destined for some higher purpose in life.

Q.4. How did Saint Ravidas ji save the deer family from the hunter?
Ans: Saint Ravidas ji saved the deer family from the hunter with his sweet words and charming personality.

Q.5. What were the main Points of saint Ravidasji's teachings?
Ans: The main points of saintji's teachings-
1. All are equal in the eyes of God.
2. The distinctions of caste, creed and colour are meaningless.
 3. Untouchability is a sin against humanity.

Q.6. Who was Ravidas ji in search of and why?

Ans: Ravidas ji was in search of some spiritual teacher who could show him the right path.