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Enjoying the Poem:

1. Rewrite the poem 'Razia, The Tigress' in prose, with one sentence for each stanza.
Ans.1 The tigress Razia lives alone with her two cubs as Sheru has gone away.
1.     Sheru knew where winds went and what they did.
2.     Knowing that a deer could smell his presence, he crawled in his belly.
3.     Taking a long circular route and hiding himself behind bush and shrubs, he attacked his prey.
4.     He got the stag who hadn’t sniffed the tiger-scent.
5.     Now he has gone but his pug marks are on the forest floor.
6.     Razia is afraid of hyenas who kill tiger cubs.
7.     She is more afraid of poachers.

2. Write a summary of the poem 'Razia, The Tigress'.

3. What is the theme of the poem 'Razia, The Tigress'?
Ans. The theme of this poem is based on the life of tigers in the forest. This poem tells us how they their prey. It gives us the useful information about wild life that due to destruction of forests, the poor wild animals live in the danger of poachers.

4. Why does Razia, The Tigress live alone?
Ans. Tiger Sheru has left Razia. So she lives alone with her two cubs.

5. What was Sheru’s expertise?
Ans. Sheru was an expert on winds. He knew their directions. He also knew that with their help, the deer could smell the presence of a tiger. So he kept himself in such a position that his smell would not reach the deer and he could get at them easily.

6. What happened to Sheru?
Ans. The forests were destroyed. It became difficult for Sheru to find food. There was fear of poachers also. So Sheru left Razia and the cub and went somewhere else.

7. What are Razia’s fears?
Ans. Razia fears about her cubs. She is afraid of hyenas who kill tiger cubs. She is more afraid of poachers who have guns for hunting and stealing forest animals.

8. What kind of a creature was Sheru –

(a) coward

(b) shrewd hunter

(c) lazy

(d).. timid

Ans.  (b) shrewd hunter

9. Rhyming words are those words which end in similar

sounds. Some rhyming words are ‘branch – avalanche’,
‘prayer – air’, ‘hound – found’. Write two pairs of rhyming words each from the last two stanzas of the poem.



1. What is the theme or central idea of the poem?

Ans:- The poem brings out the dangers to our wildlife and natural resources. Man has been cutting the trees for his selfishness. The poor wild animals have nowhere to live. They live in the danger of poachers.

2. Write the summary of the poem ‘Razia The Tigress’.

Ans:- Razia is a young tigress. Sheru is a male tiger. They have two little cubs. But now Sheru has left them. She cannot go hunting. She fears that poachers or Hyenas can come and kill her cubs.


The tigress Razia lives alone.
Her two little cubs haven’t been yet named.
Sheru barely played with them
And now he’s gone, O what a shame.

1. Name the poem and the poet

Ans:- Poem_ Razia, The Tigress.
Poet_ Keki N Daruwalla

2. Who was Razia?

Ans:- Razia was a young tigress.

3. Who was Sheru?

Ans:- Sheru was a male tiger.

4. What had Sheru done?

Ans:- Sheru had left Razia after the birth of two cubs.

5. How many cubs do they have?

Ans:- They have two cubs.


Sheru was an expert on winds,
Knew how they traversed dale and hill,
And where they put up for the night
When no leaf stirred and all was still.

1. Who was Sheru?
Ans:- Sheru was a male tiger.

2. What special knowledge did he have?
Ans:- He was an expert on winds and their directions.

3. What does the word ‘they’ here refer to?
Ans:- The word ‘they’ here refers to the winds