Thursday, 3 October 2019




(Very Short Q/A)

1. Who gave $1000 to Robert Gillian?
Ans:- Lawyer Tolman

2. Whom did Gilligan talk to next?

Ans:- A blind man who was selling pencils.

3. How much was the total property of Gillian’s uncle?

Ans:- Half a million dollars.

4. How much money did Miss Hayden get?

Ans:- $10

5. After talking to Miss Hayden Gillian went to…………….

Ans:- The lawyers

6. To whom did Gillian give all his money in the end?

Ans:- Miss Hayden

(20-30 words)

1. Why was Bobby Gillion not happy with the money given to him?
Ans:- Bobby Gillion got only $1000 of his uncle’s property. So he was not happy.

2. What was the condition laid down by the lawyer?

Ans:- The lawyer asked Bobby to spend $ 1000 and show him how he had spent. Only then he could see the full contents of the will.

3. Who else got the money and how much?

Ans:- The buttler, the housekeeper and Miss Hayden got $10 each.

4. What did Gillion write in his note?

Ans:- Gillion wrote that he had given $1000 to the dearest and the best woman on the earth to get eternal peace.

5. Why did Gillion go to the lawyer again?

Ans:- Gillion went to the lawyer again to give him an account of how he had spent $1000.