Friday, 4 October 2019

Lucy Gray


Lucy Gray

Comprehension and Appreciation of the Poem
I. Tick () the correct answers:

1. Lucy had many friends.    True

2. Lucy’s mother was lost in the storm.

3. Lucy was the only child of her parents.

4. Lucy was an obedient and dutiful child.

5. Many people believe that Lucy is still alive.


6. Lucy did not carry any torch or lantern with her.

7. The storm came much later than it was expected.


8. Both Lucy’s father and mother went to look for her.

II. Answer each question briefly:
1.      Who was Lucy Gray? Where did she live?
Ans. Lucy Gray was a lovely child with a sweet face. She lived with her parents on a moor.

2.      What did the father ask Lucy to do and why?
Ans. The father asked Lucy to take a Lantern and go to the town to bring her mother back because the night was going to be stormy. 

3.       What shows that Lucy was a dutiful and loving child?
Ans. When Lucy’s father asked Lucy to go the town to bring her mother back, she replied that she would gladly do so. This shows that Lucy was an obedient and dutiful child.

4.      Why could Lucy not reach the town?
Ans. Lucy could not reach the town because the storm came before its time and she was caught in the storm and lost her away

5.      What did the parents do to find Lucy?
Ans. Lucy’s parents searched for her everywhere all the night. They went shouting far and wide but could not find her anywhere.

6.      Lucy’s parents followed her footmarks. Where did they reach at last?
Ans. Lucy’s parents reached a bridge by following her foot prints.

7.      What do you think could have happened to Lucy?
Ans. She might have drowned in a canal or stream near the bridge.

III. Work with your partner and make a list of all the rhyming words in the poem.


1. trips – skips about with quick, light steps;

2. solitary song – song sung alone and in a lonely place.