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Comprehension Activities
I. Put a tick () or cross () for each sentence:
1. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was our first President.                                                     False 
2. England is only a little island.                                                                                        True
3. Before the animals no kind of life existed on the earth.                                        True
4. Indira Gandhi was studying in Allahabad when Nehru wrote her this letter.     False
5. There was a time when the earth was too hot to live on it.                                  True

II. Choose the correct () option to answer the following questions:
1. Who wrote the letter and to whom?
(a) Indira wrote the letter to Nehru.
(b) Nehru wrote the letter to Indira.
2. Who lived on the earth before human beings?
(a)   Animals
(b)  Devils
3. What is an ‘Island’?
(a) A mass of land surrounded by water.
(b) A body of water surrounded by land.
4. What did the scientists study about the earth?
(a) Millions of years ago the earth was too cold to live on it.
(b) Millions of years ago the earth was too hot to live on it.

III. Complete the sentences:
1. Our earth is millions and millions of year old
2. The earth is divided into many big and small countries
3. India is only a small part of the earth’s surface
4. Rocks and fossils tell us that the earth was too hot for living beings to live on it.
5. Before the animals there was a time when no kind of life existed on the earth.  

Vocabulary Activities
We often compare two similar things by using as ……………….. as:
He is as good as gold.
She is as gentle as lamb.

I. Now choose words from the box to complete these comparisons:

Silk                               coal                         fire                           lion                             feather
dog                             wolf                          grass                       blood                            bee


1. as hot as                 fire.
2. as red as                  blood
3. as soft as                silk 
4. as black as                         coal
5. as green as             grass
6. as light as a            feather
7. as busy as a           bee
8. as brave as a         lion
9. as greedy as a        wolf
10. as faithful as a     dog

II. One word in each sentence is spelt wrongly. Underline the incorrect word and correct it:
1. I closed the door quietaly.                    quietly
2. I don’t beleive what you say.               Believe
3. Jane was asleip in her room.                asleep
4. What is your favorite game?                favourite
5. The child fell down the stares.            stairs
6. We had a wunderful time there           wonderful

Grammar Activities
I. Rewrite each of the sentences using the short form of the underlined words:
1. He has got a camera.
He’s got a camera.
2. He has not got a bicycle.
He hasn’t got a bicycle.
3. They have got a new car.
They’ve got a new car.
4. She has got a Barbie doll.
She’s got a Barbie doll.
5. We have got a big house.
We’ve got a big house.
6.They have not got a garden.
They haven’t got a garden.

II. Write questions using has got/have got:
1. (Tina/long hair?)
Has Tina got long hair?
2. (they/the tickets?)
Have they got the tickets?
3. (you/an umbrella?)
Have you got an umbrella?
4. (the boys/a new ball?)
Have the boys got an umbrella?
5.(she/any brother or sister?)
He she got any brother or sister?

Composition Activities
I.                   Write a letter to your friend describing your city.
20, Model Town
Mumbai city
10th feb, 20….
Dear Rahul,
I am going to tell you some important things about Jalandhar. It is the one of the oldest city of the Punjab. Thought it has a big population yet it is very beautiful. Jalandhar is India’s foremost producer of sports goods. Many papers and magazines   in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu are published here. There are many school and colleges in Jalandhar. There are many religious places to visit in Jalandhar. People of all religions live here in harmony.
Your sincerely

II.                 Write a brief paragraph about your country.
Ans.    My country
India is my country. It has 29 states and 7 union territories. New Delhi is a capital of India. It has many big cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai etc. These cities are known as Metro cities. It has the biggest democracy in the world. Hindi is the national language of India. It is a land of festivals. People belonging to different religions live here. It is land of saints and warriors. It is the biggest democracy in the world. It has a glorious past. It is a country where most people live on agriculture. People living in different states speak different languages in our country. It is a country of hard-working and peace-loving people. I am proud of my country and I love it very much.