Saturday, 5 October 2019


                              GAMES FOR FUN

Comprehension Activities
I. Answer the questions briefly:
1. What qualities are needed to play Kabaddi?
Ans. To play kabaddi we need to be storng, able to hold our breath, and be very quick and fast on our feet.
2 When is a person out in the game, Kabaddi?
Ans. In kabaddi, if a member of one team touches one or two persons of opposing team while saying Kabaddi Kabaddi and holding his breath, the person touched is “out” provided the visitor runs back to his side without being caught.
3 How many players are in a Kabaddi team?
Ans. Each team has five to ten or more players.
4 What is ‘Patang Bazi’?
Ans. Patang bazi is a game in which people fly colourful kites in the air.
5 What does kite-flying need?
Ans. Kite-flying need great skill and pocket money

II. Pick out suitable words from the lesson for the following expressions:
1. A shape like an egg                                              oval
2. Someone who visits a person or place            visitor.
3. Group of people playing together                   team
4. A material used in window panes                     frame
5. An object on which thread is wound                reel

III. Based on your reading of the chapter, complete the following sentences:
1. In Kabaddi a line is drawn                                                                  on the ground
2. Kabaddi can be played                                                                       anywhere
3. A Kabaddi player needs to be quick and fast                     on his feet
4. The kite paper is pasted on                                                               to a frame made with sticks
5. A very long thread is                                                                           fixed to the kite, forming a triangle
6. A good breeze is needed to lift the kite higher.

Vocabulary Activities
Find the correct word and write it on the line:

Draw                                     court                                    stands                   referee
Pitch                                      coach                                   whistle                spectator

1. This is where you can play cricket.                                           pitch
2. This is where you can play basket ball.                                    court
3. This person controls matches in sports.                                 referee
4. This is something that makes a loud noise.                           whistle
5. This is a match in which neither side wins.                            draw
6. This is someone who watches a sports event.                     spectator
7. This is where you sit or stand to watch a match.                 stands
8. This is someone who teaches you how to play a sport      coach

Grammar Activities
A, an and the are called articles.
• Words that begin with a consonant sound take a with them.
• Words that begin with a vowel sound take an with them.
Particular persons or things take the with them.

a dog           

an axe          
the sun        

in the sky

a cat           
an egg          
the boat         

in the river

a book
an owl
the rider
on the horse

I. Fill in the blanks with a or an:
1. I have an orange.
2. Kabaddi is played in a team.
3. An owl is a bird.
4. An eye has a lid.
5. A fly is an insect.
6. An apple is a fruit.
7. A cow is an animal.
8. An elephant has a trunk.

II. Fill in the blanks with a, an or the:
Sanjay lives in a small house. It is an old house, but Sanjay is very happy there. The house has
a nice garden with an orange tree in the centre.

Composition Activities
I.                   Write a few lines about the ‘Value of Games in Life’.
Ans. Value of Games in Life
Games are very important in our life. They teach us the qualities of team-work and cooperation. They provide physical exercise. They make us feel fresh and strong. They provide exercise to our mind also.  They teach us discipline. They inculcate the quality of spotmanship also. So, we must take part in games.

II.                 Write a letter to your friend about the cricket match played between the teams of your school and D.A.V School.
412, Master Tara Singh Nagar
10 March, 20……
Dear Mohan
In this letter I am going to tell you about an interesting cricket match. It was played on 2nd March, 20…..between our school and M. G. N. School.  We won the toss and decided to bat. Our openers Harry and Rohan hit the ball very hard. Our team scored 160 runs for four wickets in 20 over. Now, it was the turn of M.G. N. School. In the beginning, they played very well. But later, their wickets started falling. They were all out on 130 runs in 19th over. Thus we won the match by 70 runs.
Your sincerely