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Comprehension Activities
I. Put a tick () or cross () against each statement:
1. A sledge has wheels.                                                                               False
2. Early man invented the wheels.                                                            True
3. A raft was made by tying logs.                                                              True
4. Early man moved from place to place in search of gold.                 False
5. Animals like the cow, sheep and goat were used to carry load.    False

II. Complete the following:
1. The early man kept moving from place to place in search of food
2. He settled near rivers because there was fertile land and water sources for farming
3. The sledges could not move on uneven ground
4. Land travel became easier and faster when the wheel was invented
5. The domestic animals used by the early men were bullocks, horses and donkeys
6. Five means of land transport are tractors, rickshaws, buses, cars, bicycles.

III. Fill in the blanks:
1. Necessity is the mother of invention
2. Push and pull by animals, enabled the sledge to move on smooth ground.
3. A number of straight logs were tied together to make a raft
4. Man learnt that plants needed fertile soil and water to grow.
5. The people pulled and pushed the sledge themselves.
6. The invention of the wheel was one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

Vocabulary Activities
I. Give one word for the following definitions:
1. An air transport
An Aircraft/ An aeroplane
2. A kind of cycle with a petrol engine
3. A means of transport pulled by a horse
4. A means of transport that moves on rails
5. A four-wheeler used to transport goods
6. A cycle with three wheels used to take people from one place to another
Auto rickshaw

II. Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box:
Bus            train          aeroplane                 boat               tonga
1. The boat sailed on the water.
2. The tonga was pulled by the horse.
3. The aeroplane flew through the clouds.
4. Misha goes to school by bus every day.
5. Reema went to her aunt’s house in another city by train

Grammar Activities
I. Write full sentences. Use is, isn’t, are or aren’t:
1. (your shoes very dirty)
Your shoes are very dirty.
2 (my brother a teacher)
My brother is a teacher.
3 (this house not very big)
This house isn’t very big.
4 (the shops not open today)
The shops aren’t open today.
5 (my keys in my bag)
My keys are in my bag.
6 (Sudha ten years old)
Sudha is ten year old.

II. Rewrite each sentence using the short form of underlined words:
1. I am tired but I am not hungry.
I’m tired but I’m not hungry.
2. Do not disturb her. She is at work.
Don’t disturb her. She’s at work.
3. It is ten o’clock. You are late again.
It’s ten o’ clock. You’re late again.
4. They are not farmers. They are gardeners.
They aren’t farmers. They’re gardeners
5My brother is very tall. He is a good player.
My brother is very tall. He’s a good player.
6. Ravi is not a good boy. He is very clever.
Ravi isn’t a good boy. He’s very clever.

Composition Activities
I. Write a brief paragraph on ‘A Journey by Bus’.
Ans.    My Journey By Bus
Journey by bus is very common in India. Last month, my parents decided to spend a week at Shimla. We reached the bus stand and bought the tickets. Then we boarded the bus, I was very happy because I got window seat. I looked out of the window. I saw hills and green forests. I also saw small rivers. The colourful Flowers were dancing. The Pine trees were looking very charming. Then we reached Shimla. It was a nice journey. I enjoyed it very much.

I.                   Imagine you are Manav Sharma, living at 70, Model Town, Ludhiana. Report to the police about the loss of your bicycle.
H.N 230, Mai Hira gate
15 feb, 20….
S. H. O.
Police Station No. 3
Yesterday afternoon, I went to Punjab National Bank, Adda Hoshiarpur chowk to deposit some money in my account. I placed and locked my bicycle outside the bank. After 10 minutes when I came out of the bank, I found my bicycle missing. I enquired about it to many people and shopkeepers nearly but of no use. I bought it only last month. Its colour is black. Its number is H. 38301. Its make is hero. I hope these particulars wiil help you in tracing my bicycle at the earliest.
Your sincerely