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Comprehension Activities
I. Complete the following sentences:
1. Fire is a thing                                we need everyday
2. We can use fire for                     heating our homes when it is cold.
3. We must keep fire                      under control
4. Fire, not under control, is          man’s enemy
5. Firemen risk their lives to          save the houses and the people

II. Write T for True and F for False statements in the box.
1. Mr. Singh called the fire service.                                             False
2. No one was trapped in the building.                                       False
3. Mr. Singh saw fire engines coming at slow speed.              False
4. The firemen used ropes to bring down the people.             False
5. The fire was controlled.                                                             True

III. Answer each question briefly:
1.     How do we use fire in our daily life?
Ans. We use fire for cooking food, making tools, instruments, for heating our homes and for making many other things of use.
2.     What do we need to make tools and instruments?
Ans. We need fire to make tools and instruments.
3.     What will happen if we throw a matchstick on a heap of paper?
Ans. A heap of paper will soon catch fire and everything will start burning.
4.     What do the firemen do?
Ans. The fireman use ladders to bring down the trapped People. They also used hoses to spray water on fire.

Vocabulary Activities
I. Work in pairs and choose the correct words.
1. They were (true/truth) friends.                 
2. He is a (miser/miserly) person.
3. No one was (trap/trapped) in the building.
4. The dog wanted a (piece/peace) of meat.
5. I keep a fast (one/once) a week.
6. John and Tony are (bitter/fast) friends.

II. Complete the following sentences with words from the boxes. One is done
for you.

gardener                    tailor woodcutter               doctor
fireman                   butcher

Uproot                 cut
Spray              take
Fell                  sew

 knife                                     hose
needle                                  hoe
thermometer                    axe


1. A gardener uses a hoe to uproot weeds.
2. A woodcutter uses an axe to fell trees.
 3. A tailor uses a needle to sew buttons.
4. A butcher uses a knife to cut meat.
5. A doctor uses a thermometer to take your temperature.
6. A fireman uses a hose to spray water on the fire.

Grammar Activities
Parts of Speech are the words which we use to express our thoughts. They are of 8 kinds.
1. Noun                                              2. Pronoun                            3. Adjective
4. Verb                                               5. Adverb                               6. Preposition
7. Conjunction                                  8. Interjection
Strictly speaking, the interjection is not a part of speech. It is a mere sound. It is not connected with other words in the sentence. It stands by itself. It is thrown into a sentence to express some sudden or strong feeling of the mind; as:
Alas! She is dead.
Hurrah! We have won.
(Knowledge about the other parts of speech has already been given in the previous chapters.)

I. Define the following and give three examples of each:
      1. Noun
The name of the person, place or thing. E.g.: Ram, Delhi, Table.
2.     Verb
The action words are called verbs. E.g.: go, write, speak.
3.     Adjective
It tells about the noun. E.g.: good, black, red, tall.
4.     Conjunction
The words which join two sentences. E.g. who, that, which.
5.     Adverb
The words which tells about the verb. E.g.: fast, slow, yesterday etc. or it tells about the action takes place.
6.     Preposition
A link or word that tells about the position between the nouns, pronouns or nouns and pronouns. E.g: in, on, down.
7.     Pronoun
The words used in place of noun. E.g.: He, she it, you.

II. Name the parts of speech underlined in the following sentences:
1. The boy ran after the ball.                                  Preposition
2. Radha is a tall girl.                                                 Adjective
3. The lion killed the goat                                       Verb
4. She worked hard but failed.                              Conjunction
5. The boy was shouting loudly.                            Verb
6. John hasn’t come; he is ill.                                  Pronoun
7. He did not go to school.                                      Noun
8. Many boys were playing in the garden.          Adjective
9. He has finished his homework.                         Verb
10. Rani and Neha are good friends.                    Conjunction

III. Put a suitable word in each blank to match the part of speech indicated in the bracket
1. The king lived in his palace. (noun)
2. Mrs. Verma took her son to school. (pronoun)
3. Mohan is a good and honest man. (conjunction)
4. The man had a sword in his hand. (preposition)
5. The brave soldier fought for his country. (adjective)
6. I want to go to a film with my friends. (verb)
7. He drove the car very fast. (adverb)
8. He talked to me politely. (adverb)
9. Monkeys are hiding in the trees. (verb)
10. These mangoes are very sweet/delicious. (adjective)

Composition Activities
I. Complete the following paragraph:
Last night I was sitting in my room with my brother. Suddenly we saw clouds of smoke ……………………….
Ans.         A House on fire
Last night I was sitting in my room with my brother. Suddenly, we saw clouds of smoke. It was rising at a distance. Then we heard loud shouts of Fire! Fire! We reached at the spot. Sohan’s house was on fire. Some people were throwing water and some were throwing sand. My brother rang up the fire brigade. It reached there soon. The fireman controlled the fire. Everyone thanked God as there was no loss of life.

I.                   Write about any five safety measures to prevent the fire.
Ans (a) Install fire extinguishers in big building.
       (b) Don’t allow children to play with fire.
      (c) Don’t keep inflammable things in kitchen.
      (d) Insulate electric Wires.
      (e) Check the gas supply tube from time to time.