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Comprehension Activities
I. Answer each question briefly:
1. Where does Ali live?
Ans. Ali lives near the market.
2. What does Raj want to buy?
Ans. Raj wants to buy a black shoe polish.
3.What does Miki ask Mini?
Ans. Miki asks Mini if she could tell her the time
4.At what time does Rama come to school?
Ans. Rama comes to school at 8:30 in the morning.
1.     What does Ajay ask Anil?
Ans. Ajay asks Anil if there is any bus after 10 p.m.

II. Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the chapter:
1. Rani asks the shopkeeper about the price of pens
2. Rani wants to buy two pens.
3. Ali invites Ravi to come to his house.
4. Ravi is fond of football
5. Ali asks Ravi to help him with his homework.

Vocabulary Activities
I.Words formed by joining two words are called compound words; as
Foot    +    ball       =        football
Goal    +    post      =        goalpost
Arm    +     chair    =        armchair
Now match these words to make compound words:
 1.        home                          box
2.         hair                             fast
3.         dog                              cloth
4.         time                            mate
5.         class                           work
6.         table                          brush
7.         head                           house
8.         tooth                          master
9.         break                          dresser
10.      match                         table
1.         home               +         work                 =                  homework
2.         hair                 +         dresser             =                   hairdresser
3.         dog                  +          house               =                   doghouse
4.         time               +         table                 =                   timetable
5.         class                +         mate                 =                   classmate
6.         table                +         cloth                 =                   tablecloth
7.         head               +          master           =                    headmaster

8.         tooth              +            brush      =                toothbursh
9.         break              +            fast          =               breakfast
10.      match             +            box          =               matchbox

II. Read the following three rules for making –ly words:
Rule 1:            Just add –ly  as  in    quiet     quietly.
Rule 2:            Drop the  –y   and  add –ily as in angry – angrily.
Rule 3:            Drop the –le and add –ly as in gentle – gently.
Now change these words into –ly words and list them under the right headings:

dirty                       lucky                      able                      easy
brave                    proud                    happy                  certain
double                  sudden                                 suitable                                single


      Rule 1                               Rule 2                         Rule 3
   Bravely                       dirtily                      ably
   Suddenly                             luckily                        singly
   Proudly                                easily                       suitably
    Certainly                            happily                       doubly

Grammar Activities
Present and Past
Present Continuous                                     is/am/are + V1 ing
Past Continuous                                            was/were + V1ing

I. Transform the following sentences into Past Continuous:
1. She is singing a song.
She was singing a song
2. Meera is washing the clothes.
 Meera was washing the clothes.
3. I am going to school.
 I was going to school.
4. Who is knocking at the door?
 Who was knocking at the door?
5. You are building a new house.
You were building a new house

II. Transform the following sentences into Present Continuous:
1. I was telling a story.
I am telling a story
2.She was teaching a story.
She is teaching a story.
3. They were insulting me.
 They are insulting me.
4.Ram was digging the ground.
Ram is digging the ground.
5.You were closing your shop.
You are closing your shop.

Composition Activities
I. Complete the following conversation:
A:  Today is my birthday.
B: Congratulations.
A: Thank you. Please do come to my birthday party. My mother has got a big cake for me.
B: Where and when. is the party?
A: At our house, at six o’ clock in the evening I have invited to all my friends.
B: So we’ll all have fun together.
A: You are right. But please do come.
B: I’ll certainly come.
A: Thank you.
III.Suppose you are Amit. Your father was suffering from fever today in the morning. You had to take him to the doctor. So you got late for the school. Your teacher asked you the reason for coming late. Write the conversation between you and your teacher.
Ans. Amit-May I come in Madam?
Teacher- No. Why are you late today?
Amit- I had gone to the hospital, Madam.
Teacher- Why did you go to the hospital?
Amit-My father was suffering from fever.
Teacher- How is your father now?
Amit- Now he is fine, Madam.
Teacher- Don’t come late again.
Amit- Ok, Madam.