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                         BRAVE SUNDERLAL

Comprehension Activities
I Answer each question briefly:
1 What work did Sunder’s father do?
Ans. Sunder’s father was incharge of a level crossing.
2 What did Sunder see on the railway track?
Ans. Sunder saw a boulder on the railway track.
3 Where did Sunder’s father run for help?
Ans. Sunder’s father ran to the nearest railway station for help.
4 What would have happened if Sunder had not stopped the train?
Ans. If Sunder has not stopped the train it would have met with an accident.
5 Who rewarded Sunder and why?
Ans. Sunder was rewarded by the President of India for his act of bravery and alertness.

II Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False statements in the box:

1 Sunder could see the boulder because of the lightning.      

2 Sunder ran to the villagers for help.                                        

3 Sunder’s father signalled the driver to stop.                         

4 The Prime Minister rewarded Sunder for his act of bravery.

III Fill in the blanks with the correct option:
1 Sunder belonged to ……………….
(a) Gujarat              (b) Bengal               (c) Punjab
2 Sunder’s father was the………………. of a level crossing.
(a) inspector          (b) incharge            (c) supervisor
3 Sunder saw a……………………. on the railway track.
(a) little boy           (b) buffalo              (c) boulder
4 The ………………. thanked Sunder for saving their lives.
(a) driver                (b) passengers     (c) villagers

Vocabulary Activities
I Tick the correct word in the brackets:
1 I had to (wait/weight) for my friend.                                                     (Wait)
2 Ram heard a funny (story/storey).                                             (Story)
3 Have you (seen/scene) the new toy shop?                                       (Seen)
4 Dr. Verma (knew/new) my father since long                                     (Knew)
5 In the flash of the (lightening/lightning) I could see the car.       (lightning)

II Match the words in the following columns:
A                                              B
          True                                           story      
          level                                            crossing      
          railway                                      track      
          passenger                                 train      
          lighted                                       lamp

III Choose from the box words for the following expressions:

Boulder            track             passengers        level-crossing             station                 

1.      track a train moves on this.
2.     station a place from where the trains leave.
      3   boulder a huge stone.
     4   passengers people travelling in a train.
     5   level-crossing a place where traffic has to wait for trains to pass.

Grammar Activities

The nouns that we can count are called Countable nouns. For e.g. six cats, three jugs, hundred boys etc.
    We can use them in plural.
   We use a or an with the singular.
The nouns that we can’t count are called uncountable nouns. For e.g. oil, air, milk, steel, sand etc.
     We can’t use them in the plural. They are always in the singular.
  We can’t use a or an with them.

I.             Put these nouns in the right list:




     Countable nouns                                    Uncountable nouns
Ans.          tap                                                                                                snow
          shoe                                                                                        sugar
          knife                                                                                         coffe
          book                                                                                         butter
          cup                                                                                            wood
          egg                                                                                           silver
          girl                                                                                            water
          shirt                                                                              oil

II. Put a tick or cross in each box:
1.  ice                                                ices

2.  salt                                           a salt

3. Butter                                           a butter

4.   soap                                           a soap

5.  a milk                                       a glass of milk

6.   a rice                                        a plate of rice

7.   a sugar                                    a pot of sugar

III. Put these sentences in the plural form:
1.     A fly is an insect.
 Flies are insects.
2. A chicken is a bird
          Chickens are birds.                                                                                                                                  
3. A wife is a woman.
     Wives are women
4. A dog is an animal.
    Dogs are animals
5. A teacher is always loyal.
    Teachers are always loyal.

Composition Activities
1                 Suppose you are Sunderlal. Write a letter to your friend telling him how you saved the train passengers.
20, Model Town
Jalandhar city….
My dear Raman,
I am going to tell you how I averted a train accident. You know that my father is the incharge of a level crossing. Last Monday, I went there in the evening. It began to rain heavily. In the flash of lighting. I saw a boulder on the track. A train was to pass on the track shortly. I ran to my father for help. He inturn rushed to the nearest railway station to inform them. Suddenly, I heard the whistle of the train. I was alone. I saw alighted lamp in my father’s cabin. I picked up the lamp. Holding the lamp in my hand, I stood on the track. Seeing the light, the driver stopped the train. Thus a terrible accident was averted. All the passengers got down thanked me for saving their lives.
Yours sincerely
Sunder lal

2                 Describe, in brief, what you learnt about the main character from the story.
Ans.  Subnder lal is the main character of the story. He is a little boy. He lives in a small village in Gujarat. His father is the incharge of a level crossing. Sunder lal is very wise and brave. By his intelligence, he averts a terrible accident. For this, he is rewarded by the President of India.