Thursday, 3 October 2019




(Very Short Q/A)

1. The narrator met with an accident and lost his …………. .

Ans:- eyesight

2. The name of narrator’s wardmate was ……………….. .

Ans:- Naeem

3. Who gave money to the narrator to buy his paintings?

Ans:- Naeem

4. On which cloth did the narrator do his paintings?

Ans:- canvas

5. How many paintings had Naeem painted?

Ans:- Four

6. How did the narrator lose his eyesight?

Ans:- In an accident

7. The author was a ……………….before he lost his eyesight.

Ans:- painter

8. Who consoled the author to start painting again?

Ans:- Naeem

9. Where was Naeem when the author lost his eyesight?

Ans:- He had left the hospital.

(20-30 words)

1. How did the author lose his eyesight?

Ans:- He lost his eyesight in an accident.

2. What did the author do before he lost his eyesight?

Ans:- He used to paint pictures before he lost his eyesight.

3. Who did the author meet in the hospital ward? Why was he there?

Ans:- The author met Naeem in the hospital ward. He was also there for the operation of his eyes.

4. Where was Naeem when the author regained his eyesight?

Ans:- Naeem had left the hospital when the author regained his eyesight.

5. Why could Naeem not get his treatment done?

Ans:- Naeem had no money left for his third operation. So he could not get his treatment done.