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                                  A GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS 


A. Comprehension Questions
(i) Answer the following questions in your own words:

1. Why was Della crying?
Ans. Della was crying because she didn’t have enough money to buy a Christmas present for her husband.

2.. Describe the poverty of Della's house.
Ans. Della was living in a poor condition. Her household expenses were more than she had calculated. She had only a dirty and little couch. Her jacket and hat were old. Thus, there were signs of poverty everywhere in her household.

1.     What type of present had Della planned for Jim?
Ans. Della had planned to buy a nice Christmas present for Jim. She wanted this present to be fine and rare, which Jim could feel proud of.

2.     What were the two prized possessions of Jim?
Ans. There were two prized possessions of Jim and Della. First was gold watch of Jim that had belong to his father and grandfather. The second thing was beautiful and long hair of Della that reached below her knees.

3.     Describe the present Della bought for Jim.
Ans. Della bought a platinum watch-chain for Jim. It was simple but well-made. It was worthy of Jim’s watch. It was a suitable present for Jim.

4.     How did Della manage to buy the gift?
Ans. Della had long beautiful hair. She sold her hair for twenty dollars and thus got the money for buying the present.

5.     What did Della think when she looked at herself in the mirror?
Ans. When Della looked at herself in the mirror, she became very nervous. She now looked like a school boy. She thought that Jim would not love as before.

8. What was Jim’s reaction on seeing Della's hair gone?
Ans. On seeing Della’s hair gone, there was a strange expression in the eyes of Jim. It was not an expression of anger or surprise. He simply gazed at her face.       
9. What explanation did Della give to Jim for getting her hair cut?                                                                           Ans. In her explanation, Della told Jim that she had to sell her hair to buy a Christmas gift for Jim. She further requested him not to mind because her hair would grow soon.                                                                               
                                                                                                                                                                     10. What was in the package that Jim had brought for Della?                                                                              Ans. There was a set of combs in the package that Jim had bought for Della. Della had seen it in a shop window and liked it very much.
                                                                                                                                                               11. How had Jim managed to bring the present for Della?                                                                                            Ans. Jim sold his beautiful gold watch and managed to bring the present for Della.

(ii) Answer the following questions in about 50 words each:
1. Expenses had been greater than she had calculated. Why?                                                                                         Ans. Jim earned only twenty dollars a week. Out of it, eight dollars were spent for the house rent. Only twelve dollars were left for the family to live on. Della wanted to buy a nice Christmas gift for her husband. But after saving for months, she could save only $1.87. So expenses had been greater than she had calculated
                                                                                                                                                                2. Describe the incident of Della’s selling her hair in your own words.                                                                                                                               Ans. Della wanted to buy a nice Christmas present for her husband. But she had only 1.87 dollar which was not sufficient for this purpose. She had long beautiful hair. She went to the shop of a hair dealer and sold her hair for twenty dollars. Thus she bought the Christmas present for her husband.
                                                                                                                                                        3. Why was Della pleased with her selection of the present for Jim?                                                                                                                                    Ans. Jim had a gold watch of which he was very proud. Della wanted to buy something which was made for Jim and no one else. At last, she found a platinum chain. It was simple and well-made. It was the right present for him. She was very pleased with the selection of his present, and was certain that Jim too would be very pleased to have it.

4.. Why does the storywriter call Jim ‘a poor fellow’?
Ans. Della’s husband, Jim, was earning only twenty dollars a week. He had no overcoat and gloves. Della had a brown jacket and a brown hat. Both these articles were old. Jim and Della had rented a small flat. They paid eight dollars a week as its rent. Their couch was small and dirty. They lived from hand to mouth. That is why the story writer calls Jim “a poor fellow”.

1.     What do you think about the expression in Jim’s eyes? Was it shock, surprise or anger? Why?
Ans. When Jim saw a different Della Without her long hair he stared at her with a strange expression. It was not a shock, surprise or anger but it was helplessness. His wife had sold her beautiful hair to buy a gift for him. His gift of costly pair of combs for Della was now useless. In fact, it was the feeling that suddenly turned him blank. 

2.     Both of them gave each other the gift of rare love. How? Explain.
Ans. Della had long beautiful hair. It was her priceless possession. She sold it to buy a chain for her husband’s gold watch.
Jim had a gold watch. It was given to him by his father. It was his precious possession. He sold it to buy a set of combs as a Christmas gift for Della. Thus, both of them sacrificed their dearest possessions and gave each other the gifts of rare love.

(i)                Write true or false against the following statements:

1.     Jim loved Della more than she loved him.                                                       False

2.     Della could easily buy a present for Jim without selling her hair.                        False

3.     Della was proud of being Jim’s wife.                                                              True

4.     Both the gifts proved their true love for each other.                                        True

5. Jim and Della could do without gifts.                                                               False

B. Vocabulary Exercises
(i) Look at the sentences:
She went up to the looking glass. She brought out her curling irons. The words looking and curling are the verbs ending ining and have the force of noun as well as verb. Such words are called ‘gerunds’.

(ii) Supply suitable gerunds in the blanks:

1. I am not interested in becoming a celebrity.                                  (become)

2. I am used to sleeping by the phone.                                                (sleep)

3. I feel like climbing the mountains.                                                  (climb)

4. Your plants need purning                                                                        (prune)

5. He didn’t want to risk annoying the boss.                                               (annoy)

6. I am not interested in living in luxury.                                            (live)

7. Will it help if we try putting the cake back in the oven?                  (put)

8. I feel like swimming across the river.                                                      (swim)

9. I am not used to working irregular hours.                                              (work)

10. I am used to doing overtime.                                                                 (do)

ii (a) Combine the nouns with gerunds in the table to form meaningful compound nouns.
fruit lorry bird farming picking coal weight fish lifting mining watching driving

Ans. Fruit- picking                           bird-watching                                 weight- lifting

        Lorry- driving                           coal- mining                                    fish- farming

 (b) Now combine the gerunds with the nouns to form compound nouns:
waiting             diving                   driving              committee           pool              rink           dining              swimming             licence               board                  hall                housing              skating            room

Ans. waiting-room                     diving-board                                        driving- licence                                                   dining- hall                        swimming- pool                             housing- committee 
          Skating- rink                      

(iii) Fill in the blanks with the suitable word:

1. Happiness is to sorrow as strength is to weakness (muscle/lion/weakness/strong)

2. Touch is to strike as whisper is to shout (shout/kill/quiet/anger)

3. Snow is to white as honey is tosweet (light/bee/sweet/tree)

4. Deep is to shallow as bold is to timid (dull/strong/timid/loud)

5. Bear is to cub as horse is to foal (lamb/fawn/foal/kid)

6. Herd is to deer as bunch is to keys (people/chickens/cattle/keys)

7. Horse is to neigh as lamb is to bleat (bleat/screech/roar/yell)

8. Haste is to delay as honour is to shame (king/judge/shame/prize)

9. Puppy is to dog as fawn is to bear (bear/wolf/duck/deer)

10. Victory is to defeat as vague is to definite (lose/definite/virtue/fame)

C. Grammar Exercises
(i) (c) Look at the sentences:
She put on her old brown hat. Della got off the table and moved towards him. When a preposition or an adverb is placed after a verb, the phrase so formed gives a variety of meanings.

Now fill in the blanks with the phrases given below:
put off                    look ahead

put out                    look after

put on                     look out

put forward             look up

1. Will you look after my dog when I am away.

2. You should look ahead and make plans for your future.

3. While swimming in the sea look out for sharks.

4. He was depressed after his accident, but with time, life began to look up

5. Put on the light, I want to read.

6. Put out the light, I want to sleep.

7. I shall put off my visit to Delhi till the weather is fine.

8. The new officers put forward many new suggestions.

(ii) Correct the following sentences: (errors in the use of prepositions)

1. To save the child he jumped in the well.
Ans. To save the child he jumped into the well.

2. You have to answer on your misbehaviour.
Ans. You have to answer for your misbehaviour.

3. He did not agree with my proposal.
Ans. He did not agree with to my proposal.

4. We should abide with the decision of the management.
Ans. We should abide by the decision of the management.

5. He has been accused for theft.
Ans. He has been accused of theft.

6. You must apologize from the boss on your misbehaviour.
Ans. You must apologize to the boss for your misbehaviour.

7. The student assured the teacher with his honesty.
Ans. The student assured the teacher of his honesty.

8. Della was absorbed with her studies.
Ans. Della was absorbed in her studies.

9. The nurse is attending near your father.
Ans. The nurse is attending on your father.

10. He is addicted from drugs.
Ans. He is addicted to drugs.

(iii) Rewrite the following in the Indirect Form of Narration:

1.     “You have cut off your hair?” asked Jim, speaking with difficulty. “Cut it off and sold it,”
2.     said Della. “Don’t you like me just as well, without my hair?”
3.     “You needn’t look for it,” said Della. “Be good to me, because I did it all for you.”
4. “Isn’t it lovely, Jim? I hunted all over the town to find it. You will have to look at your watch a hundred times a day now. Give me your watch. I want to see how it looks on it.” said Della to
Ans. 1.Peaking with difficulty, Jim asked Della if she had cut off her hair. Della replied that she had cut it off and sold it. She asked Jim if he didn’t like her just as well, without her hair.

2. Della said that he needed not look for it. She requested him to be good to her because she had done it all for him.

3.Della asked Jim if it was not lovely. She told him that she had hunted all over the town to find it. She added that he would have to look at his watch a hundred times a day then. She asked him to give her watch as she wanted to see how on looked on it. 

D. Pronunciation Practice
Check up the pronunciation of the following words in the dictionary and say them aloud.
Wool                              onion                                suite
lamb                               oven                                 adjective
cough                             potato                               interrogative
ewe                                quay                                  bury
hero                               suggestion                         exhibition
Don’t you think you should learn some phonetic symbols to be able to read the correct pronunciation of words from the dictionary?

E. Creative Writing and Extended Reading
1. Continue an imaginary dialogue (started below) between Jim and Della while sitting over the dinner table on the Christmas Eve.
Jim: Della, how could you think of this gift?
Della: ………………………………………..
Jim: But, why did you not tell me anything about it?
Della: ………………………………………..
Jim: Couldn’t we do without gifts this Christmas?
Della: ……………………………………….. . But you too did not disclose your plans. Why?
Jim: ………………………………………..
Della: Should we not put them away for the next Christmas?
Jim: ………………………………………..
2. Write a short paragraph on:
The Practice of Exchanging Gifts on special occasions.
3. Discuss with your friends, the wisdom (or otherwise) of Jim and Della in matter of the practice of exchanging gifts on the Christmas eve.

Just a little fun:
Here lies my wife.
Here let her lie!
 Now she’s at rest
And so am I.


(Very Short Q/A)

1. What did Della buy as a Christmas gift for Jim?

Ans:- A platinum watch chain.

2. What did Jim bring for Della?

Ans:- A beautiful set of combs.

3. How much money did Jim earn?

Ans:- 20 dollars a week.

4. How much money could Della save?

Ans:- 1.87 dollars (1 dollar and 87 cents).

5. How much money Jim and Della pay for the house rent?

Ans:- 8 dollars

6. The prized possession of Jim was…………
Ans:-His golden watch.

7. The prized possession of Della was…………………
Ans:- beautiful brown long hair

8. Della’s hair reached ………
Ans:- below her knees.

9. For how much did Della sell her hair?
Ans:- 20 dollars

10. Jim did not like Della’s long hair.                                                    =False

11. Both Jim and Della give each other the gifts of……. love.
Ans:- rare

12. What was the relationship of Jim and Della?

Ans:- They were husband and wife.

(15-20 Words)

1. Why was Della crying?

Ans:- Della had no money to buy a Christmas present for Jim. So she was crying.

2. Describe the poverty of the house.

Ans:- Signs of poverty were everywhere. They had only a little dirty couch.

3. What were the two prized possessions of Jim and Della?

Ans:- Jim had a golden watch. Della had beautiful brown long hair.

4. Describe the present Della bought for Jim.

Ans:- Della bought a platinum watch chain. It was simple but well made.

5. How did Della manage to buy the gift?

Ans:- Della sold her beautiful brown long hair to buy the gift.

6. What was in the package that Jim had bought for Della?

Ans:- There was a beautiful set of combs.

7. How had Jim managed to buy the gift for Della?

Ans:- Jim had sold his golden watch to buy the gift for Della.



84. Three times Della counted it.
84. fYlw ny ies nUM iqMn vwr I gixAw[
85. And the next day would be Christmas.
85. Aqy Agly idn ikRsms sI[
86. Della finished crying.
86. fYlw ny roxw bMd kr id~qw[
87. Twenty dollars a week doesn’t go far.
87. hr h&qy vIh fwlr koeI ijAwdw nhI cldy[
88. Expenses had been greater than she had calculated.
88. Krcy aus qoN ijAwdw hUMdy sn ijMnw auh gxnw krdI sI[
89. Only $1.87 to buy a present for Jim.
89. ijm leI qoh&w KrIdx leI isr& 1.87 fwlr[
90. Her eyes were shining brilliantly.
90. aus dIAW A~KW qyjI nwl cmk rhIAW sn[
91. Rapidly she pulled down her hair.
91. aus ny Awpxy vwl qyjI nwl hyTW v~l su~ty[
92. It reached below her knees.
92. auh ausdy goifAW qoN hyTW qk phuMc rhy sn[
93. For a minute she faltered.
93. ie~k imMt leI auh ivcilq hoeI[
94. Tears appeared in her eyes.
94. aus dIAW A~KW ivc hMJU Aw gey[
95. It looked like a cascade of brown waters.
95. ieh BUry pwxI dy ie~k Jrny vWg l~gdy sn[
96. That was only for a moment.
96. auh isr& ie~k pl leI hI sI[
97. The shop was located on the second floor.
97. dukwn dUjI mMzl qy siQq sI[
98. Will you buy my hair?
98. kI qusIN myry vwl KrIdogy?
99. Give it to me quickly.
99. ieh mYnMU jldI dy idau[
100. It surely had been made for Jim and no one else.
100. XkInn ieh ijm leI jI bxwieAw igAw sI, hor leI hI[
101. The tiny curls made her look like a boy.
101. Coty-Coty C~ilAW ivc auh ie~k lVkw jwpdI sI[
102. What could I do with a dollar and eighty-seven cents.
102. ie~k fwlr Aqy sqwsI sYNtW nwl mYN kr hI kI skdI sI[
103. Jim was never late.
103. ijm kdy vI dyrI nwl nhIN AwauNdw sI[
104. Then she heard his step on the stairs.
104. iPr aus ny pOVIAW qoN aus dy kdm dI Awvwz suxI[
105. She turned white for just a moment.
105. auh ie~k pl leI s&Yd pY geI[
106. He looked thin and very serious.
106. auh pqlw Aqy bhuq gMBIr l~g irhw sI[
107. I just had to do it.
107. mYnUM Aijhw krnw hI ipAw[
108. Jim looked about the room curiously.
108. ijm ny auqsukqw nl kmry ivc ie~Dr-au~Dr dyiKAw[
109. Dell’s white fingers quickly opened the package.
109. fYlw dIAW s&Yd nauNglIAW ny qyzI nwl pYkt nUM Kol id~qw[
110. My hair grows so fast.
110. myry vwl bhuq qyzI nwl vD jWdy hn[
111. Jim had not yet seen his beautiful present.
111. ijm ny Ajy qk Awpxw suMdr qoh&w nhI dyiKAw sI[
112. I haunted all over the town to find it.
112. ies nUM Bwlx leI mYN swry Sihr ivc iPrdI rhI[
113. Give me your watch.
113. mYnUM AwpxI GVI idau[
114. I want to see how it looks on it.
114. mYN dyKxw cwhuMdI hW ik ieh ies qy ikho ijhI l~gdI hY[
115. They are too nice to use just at present.
115. auh ieMny vDIAw hn ik auhnW dw pRXog ies smyN nhIN kIqw jw skdw[
116. I sold the watch to get money to buy your combs.
116. qyrIAW kMGIAW ^rIdx leI pYsy pRwpq krn leI mYN GVI vyc id~qI[
117. And now please get the dinner ready.
117. Aqy hux ikrpw krky ifnr iqAwr kr idau[