Friday, 13 September 2019



(pMjwbI)                               (ENGLISH)

1. mYN ieh svwl h~l kr skdw hW[

1. I can solve this sum.

2. quhwnMU iksy cMgy fwktr nUM idKwauxw cwhIdw hY[

2. You should consult a good doctor.

3. swnUM Awpxy mwqw ipqw dw kihxw mMnxw cwhIdw hY[

3. We should obey our parents.

4. ho skdw hY, A~j rwq mINh pvy[

4. It may rain tonight.

5. auh ie~Qy irhw krdw sI[

5. He used to live here.

6. imhnq kro, Aijhw nw hovy ik &yl ho jwvo[

6. Work hard lest you should fail.

7. swnUM Awpxy dyS dI syvw krnI cwhIdI hY[

7. We should serve our country.

8. sB ny iek idn mrnw hI hY[

8. All have to die one day.

9. kwS mYN AmIr huMdw!

9. Would that I were rich!

10. myrI kI mjwl ik mYN quhwfw Apmwn krW[

10. How dare I insult you!

11. AsIN ikRkt Kyfdy hW[

11. We play cricket.

12. myrI GVI TIk smW nhIN idMdI hY[

12. My watch does not keep correct time.

13. DrqI sUrj duAwly GuMmdI hY[

13. The earth moves round the sun.

14. auh kdoN soNdy hn?

14. When do they sleep?

15. mYN p~qr ilK irhw hW[

15. I am writing a letter.

16. muMfy Sor mcw rhy hn[

16. The boys are making a noise.

17. kI cpVwsI GMtI vjw irhw hY?

17. Is the peon ringing the bell?

18. qusIN AwpxIAW ikqwbW ikauN ^rwb kr rhy ho?

18. Why are you spoiling your books?

19. mYN Awpxw kMm ^qm kr ilAw hY[

19. I have finished my work.

20. aus ny ies pwT dI duhrweI nhI kIqI hY[

20. He has not revised this lesson.

21. kI vr^w ru~q SurU ho geI hY?

21. Has the rainy season set in?

22. auh kdy Awgrw nhIN igAw h[

22. He has never been to Agra.

23. svyr qoN buMdw-bWdI ho rhI hY[

23. It has been drizzling since morning.

24. mYN ds swl qoN ies skUl ivc pVw rhI hW[

24. I have been teaching in this school for ten years.

25. kI svyr qoN mUslwDwr vr^w ho rhI hY?

25. Has it been raining cats and dogs since morning?

26. kI mwlI svyr qoN pOidAW nUM pwxI nhIN dy irhw hY?

26. Has the gardener not been watering the plants since morning?

27. mYN kl Awpxy dosq dy Gr igAw[

27. I went to my friend’s house yesterday.

28. auh k~l bwzwr nhI gey[

28. They did not go to bazaar yesterday.

29. kI qusIN Awpxw smW brbwd kIqw?

29. Did you waste your time?

30. AsIN cwh pI rhy sI[

30. We were taking tea.

31. auh ikRkt nhIN Kyf rhy sn[

31. They were not playing cricket.

32. kI auh skUl jw rhy sn?

32. Were they going to school?

33. myry skUl phuMcx qoN pihlW GMtI v~j cu~kI sI[

33. The bell had gone before I reached the school.

34. kI fwktr dy Awaux qoN pihlW mrIz mr cu~kw sI?

34. Had the patient died before the doctor came?

35. muMfy do idn qoN n~cx dI pRYkits kr rhy sn[

35. The boys had been practising dance for two days.

36. kI auh kw&I smyN qoN ikqwb ilK irhw sI?

36. Had he been writing a book for a long time?

37. auh pqMgW aufwauxgy[

37. They will fly kites.

38. kI auh k~l skUl Awauxgy?

38. Will they come to school tomorrow?

39. auh Awpxw pwT Xwd kr rhy hoxgy[

39. They will be learning their lesson.

40. kI quhwfy mwqw jI ^wxw bxw rhy hoxgy?

40. Will your mother be cooking food?

41. mYN audoN q~k sVk pwr kr cu~kw hovWgw[

41. I shall have crossed the road by then.

42. kI auh myry qoN pihlW skUl phuMc cu~kw hovygw?

42. Will he have reached school before me?

43. mYN do GMty qoN pVH irhw hovWgw[

43. I shall have been reading for two hours.

44. kI auh jlMDr ivc 1995 qoN rih irhw hovygw?

44. Will he have been living in Jalandhar since 1995?

45. DobI svyr qoN kpVy nhIN Do irhw hovygw[

45. The washerman will not have been washing the clothes since morning.

46. kdy JUT nw bolo[

46. Never tell a lie.

47. burI sMgq qoN bco[

47. Avoid bad company.

48. sdw s~c bolo[

48. Always speak the truth.

49. cu~p rho[

49. Be quiet/silent.

50. ausnMU bolx idau[

50. Let him speak.

51. mYnMU jwx idau[

51. Let me go.

52. Sor nw mcwau[

52. Don’t make a noise.

53. Awau sYr nUM c~lIey[

53. Let’s go for a walk.

54. Awau Du~py bYTIey[

54. Let’s sit in the sun.

55. myry leI pwxI dw iglws mMgvwau[

55. Fetch me a glass of water.

56. Awpxw smW brbwd nw kro[

56. Don’t waste your time.

57. myrI g~l suxo[

57. Listen to me.

58. bkvws nw kro[

58. Don’t talk non-sense.

59. ieh p~qr fwk iv~c pw idau[

59. Post this letter.

60. AwpxIAW ikqwbW Kolo[

60. Open your books.

61. A~j mOsm bhuq suhwvxw hY[

61. It is very pleasant today.

62. A~j bhuq grmI hY[

62. It is very hot today.

63. A~j bhuq TMf hY[

63. It is very cold today.

64. mYN ie~k ividAwrQI hW[

64. I am a student.

65. A~j hvw bMd hY[

65. It is close today.

66. ieh ^br s~cI hY[

66. This news is true.

67. id~lI Bwrq dI rwjDwnI hY[

67. Delhi is the capital of India.

68. swfI jmwq ivc ds kuVIAW hn[

68. There are ten girls in our class.

69. Bwrq iqauhwrW dI DrqI hY[

69. India is a land of festivals.

70. mYN A~j TIk mihsUs nhIN kr rhI hW[

70. I am not feeling well today.

71. hwQI dy dMd Kwx dy hor Aqy idKwaux dy hor[

71. All that glitters is not gold.

72. jo grjdy hn, auh brsdy nhIN[

72. Barking dogs seldom bite.

73. Gr dw jogI jogVw, bwhr dw jogI T~g[

73. A prophet is seldom honoured in his own land.

74. DobI dw ku~qw nw Gr dw nw Gwt dw[

74. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

75. ijho ijhw bIjogy, auho ijhw hI k~togy[

75. As you sow, so shall you reap.

76. QoQw cnw bwjy Gnw[

76. Empty vessels make much sound.

77. jYsw dys, vYsw Bys[

77. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

78. dwn GroN SurU huMdw hY[

78. Charity begins at home.

79. Awpxw Awpxw, prwieAw prwieAw[

79. Blood is thicker than water.

80. cor cor mOsyry Brw[

80. Birds of the same feather flock together.

81. myry ipqw jI myry Gr dy krqw Drqw hn[

81. My father is all in all in my family.

82. myrI bytI myrIAW A~KW dw qwrw hY[

82. My daughter is the apple of my eyes.

83. ieh Gw dohW BrwvW ivc JgVy dI jVH hY[

83. This house is the apple of discord between the two brothers.

84. ausdw BwSx ipMf dy lokW dI smJ qoN bwhr sI[

84. His lecture was all Greek to the villagers.

85. Awpxy kMm nwl mqlb r~Ko[

85. Mind your own business.

86. ijMdgI &u~lW dI syz nhIN hY[

86. Life is not a bed of roses for the poor.

87. ie~Dr au~Dr dIAW g~lW nw kro, kMm dI g~l kro[

87. Don’t beat about the bush, come to the point.

88. Bwrq idn duguxI rwq cOguxI qr~kI kr irhw hY[

88. India is making progress by leaps and bounds.

89. ausny AwpxI sOqylI mW dI mOq qy JUTy hMJU vhwey[

89. He shed crocodile tears over the death of his step mother.

90. ausnUM G~t suxdw hY[

90. He is hard of hearing.

91. qusIN kI cwhuMdy ho?

91. What do you want?

92. pOidAW nUM pwxI kOx dy irhw hY?

92. Who is watering the plants?

93. auh svyr qoN ik~Qy hY?

93. Where has he been since morning?

94. votW ikvyN pweIAW jWdIAW hn ?

94. How are votes cast?

95. qusIN AYnI lyt ikauN ho?

95. Why are you so late?

96. ikMnyN sohxy idn hn!

96. How beautiful the days are!

97. b~cw ikMnw huiSAwr hY!

97. How intelligent the child is!

98. A&sos! Bwrq mYc hwr igAw[

98. Alas! India lost the match.

99. SRI mwn jI SuB svyr!

99. Good morning, sir!

100. auh ikMnw mwsUm lgdw hY!

100. How innocent he looks!