Friday, 13 September 2019

PSEB 10th Class Letters



1. You are Rohit Verma, living at 27-Gandhi Nagar, Panipat. Write a letter to your younger brother, who is a book worm, persuading him to take part in games.

27-Gandhi Nagar


12 April, 2013

Dear Mohit

I am fine here and pray to god for your good health. I am sad to know that you have become a bookworm. You never play any game. Your health is very poor.

Mohit, it is not good for you. Health is wealth. A sound mind lives in a sound body. You must play some outdoor games.

Yours lovingly


1. You are Rajiv, living at Queens Hostel, International School, New Delhi. Write a letter to your father requesting him to permit you to join an educational tour to South India conducted by your  school.

Queens Hostel

International School

New Delhi

15 April, 2013

Dear father

I am fine here and pray to god for your good health. You will be glad to know that our school is conducting an educational tour to South India. Four teachers are also going with us. We shall visit Bangluru and Chennai. It will be a 7-day tour. We shall also visit Taj Mahal at Agra. It is a golden chance for me. Kindly permit me to join the tour and send Rs. 2000.

Regards to dear mother and love to Sonu.

Yours lovingly


2. Write a letter to your cousin Pulkit inviting him to spend his winter break with you. You are Rohan and you live at 24 Mall Road Shimla.

24 Mall Road


10 December 2013

Dear Pulkit

I am fine here and pray to god for your good health. I know your holidays are starting from 25 December. So I invite you to come to Shimla in your winter break. We shall enjoy together.

Shimla is a beautiful hill station. We shall spend our evenings at the Mall Road. We shall enjoy horse riding and snow fall. Many people come here to see it.

I hope you will come. Regards to dear uncle and aunt.

Yours lovingly


3. Write a letter to your sister Muskan, giving her the details of a free medical camp that your grandmother organized recently. You are Anoushka and you live at 1441-Nai Abadi, Khanna.

1441 Nai Abadi


15 July 20 __ __

Dear Muskan

I am fine here and pray to God for your good health. Last Sunday our arranged a free medical camp for the poor patients in Guru Nanak Hospital.

The camp started at 9 am. Eleven doctors gave their services. About 500 patients were examined. 200 patients had Lab tests. Reports were also given on the spot. Free medicines were given to all the patients. 50 people gave their free services in it.

It was a successful medical camp. It ended at 7 pm. I missed you there.

Yours lovingly


4. You are Monu and you live at 51 Central Town, Nangal. Write a letter to your father, who is away on a long tour, giving him home news.

51 Central Town


15 April, 2013

Dear father

We are fine here and pray to god for your good health. Many things have happened since I wrote you. Mani fell down the stairs. He broke his leg. But now he is fit.

Mohan’s result was out yesterday. He got 90% marks. We are very happy. Kartar uncle visited us yesterday. We miss you a lot.

Please come back soon.

Yours lovingly


5. You are Tanbir, living at G-312, Adarsh Colony, Moga. Write a letter of condolence to your Amrit on the death of his mother.

G-312, Adarsh Colony


15 April, 2013

Dear Amrit

I was shocked to hear about the death of your dear mother. It is a great loss to you and your family. I share your grief.

When I met her last week, she was healthy. Her death is untimely. It is the will of God.

Please have courage. In grief.



6. Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the lovely birthday gift he has sent you on your birthday. You are Bhushan living at 37, Civil Lines, Ludhiana.

37 Civil Lines


15 April, 2013

Dear uncle

I am fine here and pray to god for your good health. Thank you very much for sending me my birthday gift. It is a beautiful wrist watch. All of my friends liked it.

I was often late for school. But now I shall be punctual. I can do my work by making a time table.

Thank you once again. Regards to dear aunt and love to Sonu.

Yours lovingly


7. You are Jeevan. You live with your parents at Prem Nagar, Ambala. Write a letter to your younger brother Manav scolding him for neglecting his studies.

Prem Nagar


15 April, 2013

Dear Manav

I am fine here and pray to god for your good health. I got your result card yesterday. You are fail in all subjects. It is very shameful. Manav, you should mend your ways. You should work very hard. Engage a tutor. Avoid bad company. Make friends with good boys. Stop seeing movies.

I hope you will act upon my advice.

Yours lovingly

8. You are Jasbir and you live at New Janta Nagar, Sahnewal. Write a letter to your friend Jyoti congratulating her on her grand success in the matriculation examination.

New Janta Nagar


15 June, 2013

Dear Jyoti

I am fine here and pray to god for your good health. I am glad to know that you have stood first in your matriculation examination. You have got 90% marks. It is a happy day for you and your parents. I congratulate you on your success. My parents are also very happy. Best of luck for your future. Now be ready for a party.

Regards to dear uncle and aunt and love to Sonu.

Yours lovingly


9. Write a letter to a bookseller complaining against the wrong supply of a book. You are Jatinder Singh living at 21, Model Town, Nakodar.

21, Model Town


15 April, 2013

M/S India Book Depot

Mai Heera Gate


Sub:- Wrong supply of a book.


I wish to tell you that I had given you an order for ‘MBD English XII’. But when I got the parcel and opened it, I found the ‘MBD English XI’.

I am sending you the book back. Replace that book at your cost.

Yours sincerely

Jatinder Singh

10. Imagine you are Rahul of Laxmi Bai Depot and you live Gandhi Nagar, Muktsar. Your house number is 765. You want to buy some books. Write a letter to the manager, Lyall Book Depot, Ludhiana, ordering some sports goods.

765 Gandhi Nagar


15 April, 2013

The Manager

Lyall Book Depot


Sub:- Order for books


Kindly send the following books per VPP at your earliest.

1. MBD English X 20 copies

2. MBD Science X 20 copies

3. MBD SST X 20 copies

4. MBD Hindi X 20 copies

Books should be checked and properly packed. I am sending you a cheque of Rs. 2000 in advance.

Yours sincerely

Rahul (Laxmi Bai Depot)

11. are Raman. You live in Gali Ram Nath, Malerkotla. Write a complaint to the health officer of your town about the insanitary condition of your street.

Gali Ram Nath


6 March, 201_

The Health Officer


Sub:- Insanitary condition of our street

Respected sir

The condition of Gali Ram Nath is very bad. It seems that we are living in a hell. Dirty water is seen in the pits. There are no dustbins kept here. It has become a breeding place for mosquitoes. Dirty smell comes from everywhere. No sweeper cleans our street. Malaria and dengue may soon break out.

You are requested to visit our street and give some relief to the people of our street.

Yours faithfully

Raman Kumar

12. You are Komal Verma. You live in 53-Central Town, Jalandhar. The postman of your street is rude and irregular. Write a letter to the postmaster complaining against the conduct of the postman.

53- Central Town


7 March 201_

The Postmaster

General Post Office


Sub:-Complain against postman

Respected sir

The postman of our area is rude and irregular. He comes to our area once a week. He delivers the letters to the children playing in the street. Sometimes he delivers the daak to the wrong persons. We have warned him many times, but he gives no ear to what we say.

You are requested to look into the matter and tell him strictly to do his duty properly.

Yours faithfully

Komal Verma

13. Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper on the evil of street begging.

H-222 Sarogini Nagar


28 May 201_

The Editor

The Tribune


Sub:-Evil of street begging

Respected sir

I shall feel grateful if you publish my views in the columns of your esteemed paper. Begging is an evil. It is a blot on the fair name of our country. Beggars can be seen everywhere. Most of the beggars are able-bodied. They can easily do work. They spend this money on drinking and gambling.

I request the government to look into the problem seriously. The evil of begging must be ended.

Yours sincerely

Ashok Kumar