Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Three Friends story


The Three Friends story

Tom, Julian and Dan were fast friends. There were three friends who really liked spend time together, but one of them was black, and wanted to be white.

He said to his friend:

“I know how to turn you white”

And the friend said:

“Really? how?”

“We have to travel to a place where the sea can change your color”

And the friend said: “So, let´s go!”

The three friends began their trip, first by train, had complicated moments, until finally reached the place they had talked about.

They played for some more time then sat down under the shade of a big tree to rest. “I am hungry Tom. Did you get something to eat?” asked his two friends. “Well Martha made me a few sandwiches.

Moral of the story: Skin color does not matter, what matters is how we are inside our hearts. Religion, skin color or habits do not matter.