Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Lion and the Mouse story


  The Lion and the Mouse

Outline: A lion resting in a jungle .... a mouse rolls over the lion .... the lion catches it .... the mouse asks to be pardoned .... the .... lion excuses it .... the lion caught in a trap .... roars for help .... the mouse cuts the net .... the lion is rescued.

Story: It was a summer day. A lion was sleeping under a tree. A little mouse lived near that tree. It came out of its hole. It began to jump over the body of the lion. The lion woke up. He caught the mouse and was about to kill it. The mouse said to the lion, “Please do not kill me. I shall help you in trouble.” The lion laughed at the words of the mouse. He let the mouse go. After some days, the lion was caught in a trap. He tried hard but could not free himself. He began to roar. The mouse heard his roar. It came there. It cut the ropes with its sharp teeth. In a short while the lion got free. He thanked the mouse.

 The Lion and the Mouse story

A  lion, the king of the jungle was sleeping in a forest. A mouse started playing on it.

The lion was disturbed and arose from his sleep. It caught up the mouse angrily and

tried to crush it to death.
The lion was about to kill the mouse. The mouse was chocked with fear. He pleaded to

be forgiven, and said, “If you let me go, may be one day I shall help you as best as I can”.

The proud lion laughed at this remark of the mouse. The lion said, “Are you joking,

little mouse? You are so small and I am so big. How can you think of helping a big

creature like me? I will never need your help!”

The mouse said, “You are a great creature. A creature as great as you should not kill a

small mouse. So please let me go!”

One day the lion was caught in a net spread by a hunter. It roared and tried to escape

but in vain. The mouse heared the lion's roaring and came there. It started cutting the

net with its teeth. The lion escaped and thanked the mouse.

MORAL: Small acts of kindness will be rewarded greatly.