Friday, 25 May 2018

The Clever Donkey story


The Clever Donkey story

One day a hungry lion went to satisfy his thirst at the river. A donkey was also was drinking water on the other side of the river bank. While drinking water the lion made a plan to catch the donkey for his lunch.Lion asked to the donkey are there any horses at your side of the river bank. I wish to hear them sing. The donkey did not suspect the foul play. Donkey said to the lion, there are no horses your highness but do not worry I will song for you.

He closed his eyes and started braying, the lion caught the donkey immediately. Donkey was very clever, I am ready to become your lunch but I have heard strong and powerful lions always pray to God before their lunch so, the lion was pleased. As he considered himself the most powerful animal so, he closed his eyes for prayer. The clever donkey got a chance and ran away from there the lion was fooled by the clever donkey.
Moral- Presence of mind is the greatest power

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