Wednesday, 23 May 2018

A Market near my house essay


A Market near my house essay

The market in my town is large. Hundreds of people visit this market every day. I have a market near my house called kasturi market. It is a market as well as  habitat for many people who live there. They live there in societies. There is also  a small but beautiful ganesh temple , where every evening aarti is performed.


Sellers try to raise the prices of their goods as much as they can. Buyers, on the other hand, try to reduce the prices to save some money. Thus, much bargaining goes on between buyers and sellers. Sometimes quarrels arise from this kind of bargaining.

The building is new beautiful. It is a two-storey building. It therefore has a large number of stalls. Thus, it is a market worth visiting. However, as the market is large, almost every item of food that a person needs for his home is available.