Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A Hungry Dog Story


A Hungry Dog Story

Once upon a time, there lived a dog. One day, he was very hungry and went in search of food. To his delight, the dog found a juicy bone. The dog happily carried the bone back home. He held the bone tightly in his mouth and scowled at anyone who tried to take it away.

On his way home, he had to cross a bridge. While crossing the bridge, the dog saw his reflection in the water below. The foolish dog thought there was another dog in the water, holding another juicy bone. The Hungry dog wanted to have that bone too.

He barked at his own reflection in the water. “I’ll get that bone too,” thought the Hungry dog, and he snapped his sharp teeth and barked at his reflection in the water.

Moral of the story:

Do not be Hungry.


Greed is a curse.