Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A Cap Seller Story


A Cap Seller Story

Once, there was a cap-seller in a town, was going to sell his caps in a village market.
He was going through a forest. He was carrying a basket of red caps on his head. He got tired in the heat of the sun. He lay down under a tree to take rest. He put his basket on the ground. He fell asleep.

Soon he felt asleep with a cap in his head and leaving other caps beside his head. After an hour he woke up and saw not a single cap was there.

He looked round for the caps but did not find any. Then he looked up and saw some monkeys on the tree and each of them had a cap on their head and they were making merry. The cap seller was shocked at this actions of the monkeys.

The clever cap seller collected all the caps, filled them back in his travelling bag and moved away from that location. He was selling caps. “Caps, caps, caps….Five rupees caps, ten rupees caps…."

The moral of the above story is “Intelligence is the great strength“.