Thursday, 6 April 2017

Multimedia Episodes for 8th to 12th


The Edusat society Punjab has developed 1,610 multimedia episodes for 8th to 12th standard students in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Commerce and English, with assistance from subject specialists and service providers.

In D drive, you will get Edusat Content, in which there are class folders which consist of subject folders

When you open subject folder of particular class, you will see multimedia episodes

Play videos in VLC player and you get complete lesson

With animation it's made simpler to understand and retain in memory for long time

Important incident are explained in written form too, so students able to note important notes for lesson, these are points which teachers generally write on black board to give complete understanding to kids.

Character wise some dialogue also added in bubble form to do personification of cartoons

Back exercise like question-answers are also done to prepare students for examination

Use of ICT is need of today's world, Kids are having access to social media and gadgets to explorer world, so a teachers we need to work on our methods to cope up with new era

Work is done with great zeal by Punjab Edusat Society, now it's on teachers to use them to enhance their teaching learning process in classrooms